Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 24 Store Bonus – MelonBooks – Side: A’lluenayer

Al.pngWell, you might or might not know that another volume of Rokujouma had come out, and you probably know I’m a massive fan of the series, so I had to read it as soon as it came out. Unfortunately that means that I haven’t (and probably won’t before the weekend is over) had time to translate chapter 1 of World Break 3 (I will at least get it started by this evening though) and as a consolation prize, I did both of the bonuses that came with volume 24.

Yes, A’lluenayer isn’t how it was romanised in the translation, but I left the spellings from the titles in-tact in the title, but tried to be consistent with Warnis in the actual translation. (There are probably points where I failed at that because I stopped reading the translation around volume 5 because I was a tad too impatient). The bonus is here, enjoy Alunaya being the fearsome beast he is.

World Break – Volume 3 – Prologue

cover So we now start on volume 3, the prologue’s here and the colour illustrations are here.

The e-books for volume 2 are here. They’re now actually more edited than the versions on the site, at least for now, because I managed to get Jet Fuel to edit it for me along with this prologue, so big thanks to him.

(I’ll probably go through and edit all the chapters on here tomorrow)

World Break – Volume 2 – Epilogue

coverAnd with this, we finally finish the volume. I may eventually go back and do the afterwords at some point in the future, but I won’t be for now. I’ve made e-books of the volume too, but unfortunately not updated them since the mistakes that were pointed out, so I’ll add the link later (either tonight or tomorrow morning when I post volume 3’s prologue)

World Break – Volume 2 – Chapter 4

d5167-364-461011-0After the unpleasant… well, I wouldn’t really call it a surprise yesterday, you get a nice one today. I’m actually away from my PC from tomorrow evening, and because I like being around for a few hours after I publish so I can fix any problems if they’re pointed out, I decided to put it up now. It’s another chapter of close to 9k words (it’s actually 8.4k, but what’s 600 words between friends?) Enjoy the chapter.

Log Horizon Dropped

I’m not exactly happy I’m doing this, but looking back at why I started (to try and keep LH alive in English until Yen Press caught up), and looking at how long it’s been since my last update on it (about six months) I think it’s pretty clear I’ve failed pretty miserably and killed it myself. Yen Press’ volume 8 isn’t long away and is actually already up for pre-order, and at a reduced price from normal.

Everything that I’ve done so far can be found here floating somewhere around the internet, and the Log Horizon translations I have on here currently will be deleted in two weeks are now gone, that way I can actually post links in places that object to sites hosting licensed content and hopefully spread the other things a little further.

Sorry it had to end like this, and I hope you’ll still enjoy other things that I translate.