Upon the Wind and Melody of the Lute – Character Introductions

p457_cleanWell, thanks to my friend doing wonderful redraws for me, I’ve got the character introductions from the end of the novel done. Some potential light spoilers, but the descriptions are of them at the start of the novel, plus a little bit of their past here.

(Make sure to click the images to get the full size.)

Upon the Wind and Melody of the Lute – Volume 1 – Prelude

CoverWell, I randomly wanted to start something new, so I decided to start this: Upon the Wind and Melody of the Lute or in romaji: Kaze to Lute no Shirabe ni Nosete. It’s a longer series from Takehaya, the other being Rokujouma. The illustrations are from Akabane.

The prologue is here: Prelude: The Bard’s Lute

I’ve also started on World Break again, if I fail to get it up within about two weeks, feel free to harass me on discord.

HataMaou HSN — Chapter 1

And thus, the reason for the lack of any more World Break in the past month becomes clear. It was suggested that I TL this, and seeing as I enjoyed the anime when I watched it to see if the series actually was my cup of tea, I decided to.

Couple of things before the chapter, This release is both unedited and has no illustrations. When the volume is completed, it’ll be released with illustrations and edits on the HataMaou community discord, these will mostly serve as a preview for those who can’t wait.

And on a related note of shameless self-promotion, as some people have already spotted, I made a discord server of my own, as everyone and their dog seems to be doing so now, so if you want to get in touch, or just generally chat about the stuff I TL or anything else really, feel free to join.

The chapter is here, and there’s a couple of notes I want to make here:

  • The line about fallen blossoms has a double meaning, it can mean both exam failure and cherry blossom falling.
  • Kamaboko is a way that fish is prepared and is normally served on a wooden plate.

Four Cours After – Volume 1 – Prologue

i-000aSo, altogether too late, I decided I’d do something for April Fool’s. I had too much work to actually do it within the day, so I ended up starting at about ten PM, meaning I didn’t finish in time, so RIP actually releasing it like that. Instead, here’s the only thing I was going to link before replacing it with the actual prologue later. And here’s the actual prologue.

I remember Woods Runner mentioning this way back and thought it sounded fairly interesting, so I decided to do this for a couple of reasons: It was relatively short, so I’d stand a chance at finishing in time, and a teaser of this would be nice. Not sure I’ll go past this prologue and probably won’t, take it as a teaser only, as much as I kinda like Mizusawa’s style, I’m not sure I really do it justice trying to TL it.

In other news: Yes I’m still working on World Break, I’ll hopefully release chapter 1 next weekend, we’ve just entered the two weeks of ALL THE DEADLINES at uni, along with various exams so I’ve been focussing on those.

(And also yes, I will eventually go back to GaWoRaRe.)

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 24 Store Bonus – MelonBooks – Side: A’lluenayer

Al.pngWell, you might or might not know that another volume of Rokujouma had come out, and you probably know I’m a massive fan of the series, so I had to read it as soon as it came out. Unfortunately that means that I haven’t (and probably won’t before the weekend is over) had time to translate chapter 1 of World Break 3 (I will at least get it started by this evening though) and as a consolation prize, I did both of the bonuses that came with volume 24.

Yes, A’lluenayer isn’t how it was romanised in the translation, but I left the spellings from the titles in-tact in the title, but tried to be consistent with Warnis in the actual translation. (There are probably points where I failed at that because I stopped reading the translation around volume 5 because I was a tad too impatient). The bonus is here, enjoy Alunaya being the fearsome beast he is.

World Break – Volume 3 – Prologue

cover So we now start on volume 3, the prologue’s here and the colour illustrations are here.

The e-books for volume 2 are here. They’re now actually more edited than the versions on the site, at least for now, because I managed to get Jet Fuel to edit it for me along with this prologue, so big thanks to him.

(I’ll probably go through and edit all the chapters on here tomorrow)

World Break – Volume 2 – Epilogue

coverAnd with this, we finally finish the volume. I may eventually go back and do the afterwords at some point in the future, but I won’t be for now. I’ve made e-books of the volume too, but unfortunately not updated them since the mistakes that were pointed out, so I’ll add the link later (either tonight or tomorrow morning when I post volume 3’s prologue)