One is a Knight. Clad in silver armour, presiding without showing his hand.

One is a Holy Person. Sensing demons, exorcising evil, one with a rare gift.

One is an Empress. Controlling an army of lightning, an irritable Forbidden Spell user.

One is a sorcerer. Inheriting ancient wisdom, a traditional heretical conjuror.

One is an arms maker. Producing miraculous arms continually, an eternal hobbyist.

One is an old man, who merely wishes to retire.




“IIIII looooooovee theee seeeeaaa!!”

Satsuki yelled unintelligently as she ran to the water’s edge.

It was a private beach with no one to interfere.

Her shapely legs stamped tracks into the ivory sand.

The clear azure sea sparkled strongly in the sun.

With a full force smile, Satsuki dived through the surface.


Together with the endlessly calm roar of the sea, she was immediately pushed back onto the sand.

“Ah ha ha ha, the waves are pretty strong! It’s no good for swimming!”

Satsuki rolled around like that on the damp sand, laughing uproariously.

While she lacked in curves, her body was lovely like a fairy’s.

She was wrapped in an audacious bikini to make up for it.

In other words, a combo of “a body with no grip” plus “an easily removed swimsuit”.

It had a risk of rolling about causing it to fall off at any chance.

“Nii-sama, hurry up. Let’s get bounced back by the waves together.”

However, Satsuki was naïve so she innocently shook about in all directions.

“What’s so fun about that…?”

Moroha was walking slowly from behind and retorted at Satsuki as he saw her roll around laughing.

“We came for a summer training camp, right? We didn’t come to play, right?”

But his words were unheard by an ecstatic Satsuki.

“Kya ha ha ha ha, the sand’s hot! Even though it’s so wet! I’m gonna get baked!”


“Uhya hya hya, the waves are cold! It’s nice!”


“Phwa! Ah ha ha ha ha I swallowed some water! It’s salty! This is the best!”

Just by rolling about on the sand and jumping over and over again into the waves, Satsuki was filled with joy to the bottom of her heart.

Looking at his ‘little sister’, Moroha grumbled with a wry smile.

“It’s the summer isn’t it? The summer’s magic has made her weird…”


Shizuno came from behind and stood at Moroha’s side and answered uninterestedly, with her mask-like expression.

“Perhaps this is ‘the age where even falling chopsticks are funny’?”

“You’re the same age, and you barely ever smile.”

“Then maybe ‘her mental age is low so she inadvertently reverts to a child-like naïveté’?”

Shizuno glanced, and still with her mask-like expression, dimples formed on her face.

They appeared on her face whenever she was teasing someone or joking.

“That’s not an idiom.”

Moroha waved his hand back and forth and looked to his side.

Shizuno’s swimsuit was a novel design, bearing a close resemblance to a Chinese dress.

It was a sensational design as if after putting on a dress with a deep slit in it and string underwear, the dress’ length had been drastically shortened.

Perhaps like the eroticism of a naked shirt. Though in terms of fabric, it had much more than Satsuki’s, if someone with an indulgent body like Shizuno wore it, it was all the more seductive.

Her barely contained chest and tight waist drew out an erotic curve that the close fitting cloth accentuated.

The glimpses of her wonderful thighs and backside through the deep slit were also irresistible.

Her hair was collected together to keep it out of the way of swimming, baring the seductive nape of her neck, which was made all the more apparent against the characteristic high collar of a Chinese dress.


As he looked again, his gaze was fixed on her.

However, far from berating him, Shizuno took and proudly embraced Moroha’s arm.

“Incidentally, you know I’m ‘at the age where I’ll make even falling chopsticks lewd’?”

She pressed her barely contained chest into him.

Moroha was only wearing a T-shirt that had nearly no sleeves, so his upper arm was directly enveloped by the soft sensation and he froze up.

“I-I don’t get what you’re saying.”

“Then ‘horny enough to make childishness flee’?”

“Even worse.”

“Then shall I explain in a way other than words?”

Still holding his arm, Shizuno stretched forward, her sensual lips on the verge of touching Moroha’s cheek.

Her sweet breath tickled his cheek and nostrils.

His heart rate sped up, quickly racing.


Satsuki screamed!

Moroha was so surprised it felt like his heart would burst.

Shizuno snapped her face in that direction too.

“W-what is it this time…?”

The two of them focussed on Satsuki.

“The waves washed away my top, waa.”

She was sat with her legs folded into a W, her feet behind her, half crying.

“Didn’t we say it’d fall off…?”

Moroha put his free hand to his forehead.

“You help me look too, Nii-sama, waa.”

“Don’t run like that with your hands out.”

Moroha covered his face with his free hand.

“Kuh… Not bad for Ranjou-san’s social status…”

Shizuno felt a strange disgrace.

“You’re both way too liberal since we came to the sea…”

Shizuno was pressing her breasts into him, Satsuki was running back in just her swimsuit bottoms, the far too reckless girls were giving him a headache.

And then.

“Playing around with just you three is unfair!”

A cry was audible for the inevitable worsening of the situation.

“You demons, having fun and leaving out me when I’m working on my job!”

A loveable young girl trotted towards them with teary eyes.

Her name was Maya.

The golden light shining off her hair under the sun looked like an angel’s halo, and felt like more than he deserved.

If she laughed, she would definitely look even more angelic.

She was wearing a charming swimsuit, appropriate for her age.

She held a large crystal in both hands, with many complicated facets cut into it.

It was a gem made out of Maya’s mana that she’d prepared several days ago for today.

“Done with the adjustments?”

“I’m a good girl, so I did it properly while you were playing!”

Maya puffed her cheeks out and lifted her hands.

She offered up the gem to the skies as if freeing a bird.

Moroha, Satsuki and Shizuno followed it with their eyes.

They looked up at the faded blue sky.

The crystal shone in a rainbow of colours in the sky, expanding with an unthinkable speed.

Like an illusion, it seemed to melt in the sky, widening over the entire surroundings.

Satsuki cheered at the beautiful, dream like scene.

“Now from just in front of that peninsula to around this cliff is in my barrier, so you can train without worry.”

“Good work. The others will praise you too, later.”

Moroha patted Maya’s head as she reached his side and puffed out her small chest in pride.

An Origin. With Dream Stone Hedron, that in the whole world, only Maya could use, the surroundings were transformed into a different space. Within it, even severe wounds would vanish like a lie, and however much the surroundings were destroyed, they’d soon return to normal.

This would let them train freely.

The preparations for the summer training camp were complete.

“But, let’s play until everyone gets here, I want to swim.”

“Right. Shall we go together, Moroha?”

“Wait, both of you, we should stretch first.”

“You’re too strict. My body is flexible, so I won’t cramp. Now.”

“My body is soft, so the same goes for me. Now.”

“That’s not the problem! Don’t pull me along, I need to s-”

Being pulled along by both Maya and Shizuno, Moroha weakened.

He turned pleading eyes on Satsuki.


Covering her chest with her hands, she sneezed grandly.

And it wasn’t just once, she kept going.

“What an interesting sneeze.”

Maya stopped pulling Moroha’s arm and smiled care-freely.

“Do… fua fua cachou… laugh, Maaya! Fua… fuaa… fecuchoo.”

“You can tell a lot of people by how they sneeze.”

Shizuno also stopped pulling Moroha’s arm and turned a pitying gaze on Satsuki.

“What was tha- cushoo.”

“Hey, see. If you go in the water suddenly, your body will get a chill.”

“That’s true. Satsuki-oneesan, your lips are blue.”

“Uuuhh, well I have been shivering for a while.”

“If you don’t warm up, this’ll happen.”

“Okay, okay, I get it. I’ll do as you say, then swim.”

“He-choo. I’ll warm up too, even if it is late, he-choo.”

“Do something about your clothes first.”


“So that’s your response…?”

Moroha looked to the sky with a sigh and wry smile.

It was an endless blue sky, dotted with white clouds.

The sound of the waves was peaceful.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it…?”

Shizuno mimicked him, looking up at the sky and said in an enraptured voice.

“I think it will be a fun training camp.”

Everyone nodded at Maya’s lively voice.


The one of them once more replied with a sneeze, which amused Moroha and made him give a deep belly laugh.



Far from the beach were they were playing.

Deep in the ocean off-shore.

It slept deeply, as if dead.

It’s absurdly huge body made not even the slightest movement.

It was like a rocky mountain that had sank into the sea.

Therefore, not even the fish that swam at its side had any idea of what a dangerous existence it was.

Satsuki’s shivers at its threat, while it showed no sign of consciousness were a sign or her perceptivity.

It seemed harmless, like a closed shellfish.

It dreamt of the time the Creator would let its instincts run wild.

It continued sleeping as if dead.


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