The principal told them they should hide until things calmed down.

They shouldn’t go back to the dorms, and they should stay off school.

Moroha and the others gratefully accepted that proposal, and the offer to stay at the principal’s apartment.

“It’s a sleep over with everyone.”

Maya innocently rejoiced that night.

She seemed even happier than when she started sharing a room with Moroha.

He felt like he understood, having friends at your house made the mood oddly merry.

Satsuki, Shizuno and Maya all stayed in one room and stayed up late chatting.

Moroha borrowed a sofa in the living room and slept with their chatter as a lullaby.

And then today, they saw the principal off and stayed off from school.

Negotiation with the chairman, negotiation with Edward, negotiation with the Japanese branch, these encircled them and the principal promised she would put all her effort in to resolve them, so they trusted and waited for her.


Satsuki’s humming carried to the living room.

“Sorry, stop would you? I don’t want to hear people’s humming for a while.”

Moroha asked with a grimace.

“Eh, why?”

“It makes me remember Edward cutting at me with a smile. It’s kind of a traumatic experience.”

Even with that appeal, Satsuki hadn’t seen the fight with the White Knight, so probably didn’t really get it.

“Well, it’s fine right?”

Without taking it seriously, she didn’t stop.

She was lay down on the sofa, waving her legs around.

In great joy.

“Hey, hey, you’ve stopped, Moroha?”

“As you command, my princess.”

Naturally, that was because she was receiving a certain ‘service’ for protecting Shizuno.

Moroha’s finger traced slowly along her bare arms, her naked skin.

“Ngh… ♥”

At once, Satsuki let out a sweet sigh as her body shook slightly.

It was just telling him not to stop, so Moroha didn’t mind it and kept his finger moving.

“Does it tickle?”

“Mm, a bit, but keep going ♥”

Satsuki spoke through her nose as her body slowly relaxed.

Moroha’s finger had her at his mercy, crawling over her arms, her legs, her back and all over her body. Her unladylike underwear-clad figure was hidden under the sheets.

Moroha put his finger through the gaps in the cloth and traced directly on Satsuki’s bare skin.

“Your finger… feels good… ♥”

“Don’t cause misunderstandings, and don’t moan when you say it.”

Moroha was dejected, not stopping his finger.

It really was something that would shock someone who didn’t know, but it was a legitimate medical treatment.

To heal the harsh wounds from AJ.

It was a Dark Art called Healing the Scars, ancient magic characters were traced directly onto the skin and healed the wounds around them. It wasn’t as convenient as recovery magic in games, and the target had to rest, and depending on the severity of the wounds, it could take quite a long time to heal.

When he carried Satsuki into the apartment yesterday was the first time, and this was the second treatment.

The first time she’d complained about it tickling, but it seemed she was used to it today.

“If you tease me too much, I’ll just stop.”

“You wouldn’t do that, you meanie! If you leave scars on your cute little sister’s beautiful skin, you’ll be the one that regrets it!”

“What kind of logic gets me stuck with the regret…”

“Y-you think of that yourself, idiot!”

Satsuki suddenly went bright red and buried her face in the cushion.

She was red to her ears, so he could tell she was probably having some weird delusion again.

He didn’t think she could be helped, but he really didn’t want to have her become damaged goods, so Moroha carefully continued the treatment.

“That reminds me, are your ribs fine now, Moroha?”

Maya looked over her shoulder from where she was watching television and eating rice crackers.

“Yeah, thanks to your effort in treating them.”

Yesterday, Moroha had had Healing the Scars used on him by Maya.

“I’m glad. I’ll always heal you if you’re hurt.”

“I’d rather avoid getting hurt, but I’ll count on you if I do.”

“You seem awfully happy, you lolicon, Nii-sama.”

“…What an about face, didn’t you have to stay up all night talking?”

“Ah ha ha ha, d-don’t tickle me! Not my sides!”

Moroha directly attacked her bare sides, taking as much revenge as he wanted.

“You both get on really well.”

Maya smiled at the sibling’s playfulness, though her smile seemed a little jealous.

“That reminds me, Shizuno-oneesan is back late.”

She suddenly noticed, looking at the clock.

Everyone was talking about getting lunch an hour ago.

The three of them suddenly intruding on the Shimon household had depleted the fridge.

Satsuki needed to be treated, and Shizuno was thankful too, so she had gone shopping but still not returned.

“She’s a rich girl, so she’s useless with keeping a house. So maybe she can’t do shopping properly? Heeheehee.”

Satsuki chuckled meanly. It was possible.

“Maybe she’s caught in the snow.”

Maya looked worriedly out of the window.

That… was possible… unfortunately.

In the middle of this unusually dry rainy season, under the seething sun, with yesterday being boiling.

The whole city was blanketed in snow thanks to the ‘sudden’ abnormal weather around yesterday evening.

The news was reporting on it that morning, all over the country too!

“Hey… wasn’t your barrier meant to prevent damage to the surroundings?”

The origin of that abnormal weather, in human form scratched his head and asked Maya.

“Yes. All of that mountain was protected by my barrier. But outside of it wasn’t under my care.”

In other words, the forbidden spell he used was too large scale, and Maya’s support couldn’t contain it…

Moroha’s estimate was the mana that he’d scattered in the sky was fading, so the day after the day after tomorrow, the weather should return to the oppressive heat.

“Shizuno-oneesan told me yesterday, that long ago, you used it to turn fertile land into barren wastes, over and over. Defending against that is an achievement.”

“Ah, I heard that too, when was ‘long ago’, Nii-sama?”

“I don’t know! I can’t know! And I don’t want to know!”

Moroha angrily denied it.

In the corner of his head, an unusual type of dream passed his mind, but he ignored it.

“Never, I’ll never use a forbidden spell. Yeah, definitely.”

He quietly vowed in his heart.

“A-anyway, I’m worried about Shizuno so I’m going to go take a look.”

If it was because of the snow, it was because of Moroha, so he hurriedly stood up.

“Eh, what about my treatment?”

“Maya, switch out. Do the front please.”

“Leave it to me.”

“Tch. I’ll forgive you, so bring me something hot and sweet back to drink. A-and because it hurts to move, g-give it to me mouth to mouth.”

Satsuki kept asking to be spoiled, but Moroha had already left.


Moroha used the lift to go down from the fourth floor where the apartment was, and found Shizuno in the entrance.

“What, so she is back?”

He thought, but there was something strange.

Her expression was stiff, and she was staring at something. She had dropped the shopping bag, and the contents spilled across the road.

A sense of foreboding flashed through Moroha’s head like lightning.

Then everything moved like clockwork.

He ran to Shizuno, covering her behind him.

“Hey, sleep well last night?”

Because facing her, was Edward.

The sense of foreboding was spot on.

“Did you come for a rematch?”

His ID Tag was still powdered, and he remembered he hadn’t got a new one yet. He had no weapon.

It was an awful situation, how would he fight barehanded against this monster?

With a sharp look, Moroha was running situations through his mind.

“Wait, wait, don’t glare at me with those scary eyes. I just happened to run into Shizuno. I didn’t come for a review either, and of course, the studying abroad can be cancelled.”

With an easy going temperament, Edward raised both his hands.

But Moroha wouldn’t relax as he watched him.

“We fought and I lost. I’m not so stubborn as to come for a rematch right away. I swear on the Queen’s name.”

You lost?”

Moroha was taken aback. It’s not like he defeated Edward, and looking objectively, it could have just happened over and over.

“You successfully took Shizuno and accomplished your goal. I accept that as a knight, that was your win.”

However Edward explained, and unusually bowed.

Moroha finally relaxed.

It may have seemed anticlimactic, but he was actually glad.

“Then, what did you come for.”

“Mari told me you were here after our meeting. I had something I wanted to ask, and something I wanted to tell you.”

“Hmph… what did you want to ask?”

“When we first met, I suddenly attacked you.”

It was about that chaos in the restaurant.

“Why didn’t you dodge it? There’s no way you couldn’t have with your strength.”

“I answered that if you wanted to kill me, I definitely would have died, didn’t I?”

Moroha answered evasively.

In contrast, Edward snapped his fingers with a smile.

“I see! You knew I didn’t want to kill you, so you didn’t dodge.”

Moroha didn’t answer, just titled his head.

“How did you know that? Is there that kind of Dark Art?”

“If you look at your opponent’s prana, you can tell if they’re serious or just fooling around, right?”

“No no, you really can’t!”

Edward stared in amazement and clapped his hands together.

“You really are like a Jack in the Box! Not much can surprise me either!”

Edward clapped his hands in joy.

“White people really are grandiose…”

Moroha complained mentally.

“Once again you move me, Jack.”

“Are you going to make that my nickname!?”

Moroha objected with all his strength.

He could feel a smile from Shizuno behind him.

“No… whatever. So what did you want to tell me? Hurry up and leave.”

Moroha irritably pushed him.

Edward spread his hands widely and spoke loudly.

“Moroha Haimura. With the rights afforded to me as the leader of the British Headquarters, I officially recognise you as an S rank.”

“Sorry, don’t want it.”

“Tough. I’ve already told each branch.”

Even though the White Knight Order had a hive-like decision making process, this man was frankly declaring it.

“Why would you go so far? Actually, does it help you?”

Moroha could only grimace.

“It does. To the Japanese branch, the birth of a Yamato Danshi S rank like you also gives merit to me.”


“I can’t say now, you’ll understand soon.”

Edward put a single finger to his mouth and winked.

Moroha sighed deeply and gave up on pursuing it.

He didn’t think he’d give it up easily, and he wanted to him to leave already.

“See you, Jack, I’ll phone soon.”

Edward seemed to see how he felt, and gallantly turned away.

“Sorry, don’t want that either.”

Moroha half-heartedly waved at his large back.

Just like the passing of a typhoon, the British walking disaster finally left.

“Oh yeah, Shizuno. A message from Tadanori, he said he’s not angry so he wants you to phone.”

He left behind those final words.

He exchanged glances with Shizuno, who hadn’t interfered.

“What will you do?”

“I’ll have to phone him, though I don’t really want to.”

“If he’s ridiculous again, refuse right away, won’t you?”

“You’re overprotective, though it makes me happy.”

Shizuno took out her phone and Moroha watched her as he picked up the bag and its contents.

The siblings talked for a while.

Moroha couldn’t hear his voice, but he felt he was ranting somehow.

They finally finished, and Shizuno hung up.

“What did he want then?”

“It was all solved at this morning’s meeting, so he won’t hold any ill will and wants me to return.”

“How dependable of him.”

“Indeed. But he was also frantic about how ‘things to come are important’.”

“Things to come?”

“Making me your bride.”

“Eh, pardon.”

Moroha reflexively asked her to repeat it.

For some reason, in English.

“In history, only seven people have become S ranked, so in the near future, it’s certain you’ll be a leader in the White Knight Order. So staking a claim first and marrying into the family is more important than being in the management in England, he said to use any methods I could to seduce you.”

“No, I didn’t want the details…”

He just wanted to retort that he couldn’t believe it.

“So, though I may be incompetent, please take care of me.”


Moroha was silent and dimples formed next to Shizuno’s mouth.

He scratched his head harder than he had before.

“Man, your brother sure swings from extreme to extreme.”

“It’s not just my brother, from now on, lots of people will get close to you to use you. You can’t even let your guard down around Sir Edward. I’ll warn you, will you be careful too?”

“So annoying…”

Moroha looked up at the heavens and complained.

“But well, if it means I don’t have to separate from Shizuno, I guess it’s cheap.”

He quickly reconsidered and smiled without worry.

For some reason, Shizuno stared right at that smile.

“Yes, now all the problems are solved. Good work.”

She placed her hand on her chest and spoke earnestly.

“I can go home proudly, and not be separated from you, in fact… well anyway, I’m happy, and it’s all thanks to you, you know?”

She placed her hand on Moroha’s chest this time.

It was a chilled, cold hand.

But it heated Moroha’s body at its touch.

“There’s still one more thing to solve.”

Moroha placed his own hand over hers.

Showing he wouldn’t let her run away any more.

“It’s vague, but you really are the Witch of the Underworld, aren’t you?”

He wanted a clear answer.

Shizuno’s face stayed mask-like.

He couldn’t tell what she was thinking at all.

Don’t evade it. Don’t take your hand away.

Moroha was filled with those thoughts as he stared at her.

Finally, Shizuno spoke.

“Well, who knows?”

Still with her mask-like expression, she tilted her head.

“After saying that much, don’t play dumb.”

This warded off Moroha’s smile and he pressed further.

“I’m not playing dumb.”

“Then, why-”

“I don’t want to name myself like Ranjou-san.”

Even if she didn’t have to worry about her family and could name herself now.

It was nothing other than her own desire not to, that’s what she was saying.


“So, remember me properly.”


Moroha noticed.

This wasn’t her mask-like expression.

This was her serious face.

An expression for telling the most important, serious things.

So Moroha seriously took her words.

Shizuno finished with her serious face.


“That’s your atonement to me for chaining my heart, in this life, and the last.”


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