The thing the haniwa had used to wake Yurika was a spicy sauce that wasn’t often used, called ‘Potemkin’s Morning Glow’. Its spiciness wasn’t just a match for Tabasco, it was the ultimate hot sauce which had urban rumours that it had killed people with shock.

“Ah, ah ‘an ‘inally ‘eel my ‘ongue a’in.”

“What was that?”

“She said ‘I can finally feel my tongue again.'”

Of course, the hot sauce had put Yurika in an awful state, her lips had swollen and her tongue had gone numb so she couldn’t speak. Thanks to that, Yurika being able to talk wasn’t strictly speaking through sound, but by Sanae listening to her voice through spiritual waves.

“Are you okay, Yurika, the performance is later.”

Theia looked worriedly at Yurika, today was the second part of the play and Yurika had been given an important role, so Theia was looking at her more kindly than usual.

“I ‘ought ‘ah was ‘oing ‘o breathe ‘ire buh ‘ah’ll manaeh ‘or uh p’ay.”

“That was ‘I thought I was going to breathe fire, but I’ll manage for the play.'”

“Yurika-sama, I brought some milk.”

“I’ ‘ere ‘awbe’y ‘yrup?”

“‘Is there strawberry syrup?'”

“No, ho-.”

“The only red thing we have is hot sauce, ho-.”

“‘Ah’ll ‘ink i’ ‘ike ‘is.”

“‘I’ll drink it like this.'”

“Here you are, Yurika-sama.”

Yurika took the milk from Ruth and filled her mouth with it, cooling her mouth and tongue and neutralising the remaining spiciness. The best treatment for these occasions.

“She won’t be able to eat for a while…”

Koutarou watched her and understood that it wasn’t the time for food for her and made a suggestion to Kiriha, who was nearby preparing food.

“Kiriha-san, could you make some sandwiches for Yurika to have later?”

“Okay, I’ll make them.”

“‘orry ‘or ‘uh bo’er.”

“‘Sorry for the bother.'”

This was a complete accident, so Koutarou would support her as much as he could, the sandwiches were one way. Yurika had the role of the dragon that would fight against him dressed as the Blue Knight. It would be awful if a lead role couldn’t act, and they couldn’t use someone else now.

“Anyway, Koutarou, let’s finish breakfast, we don’t have much time either.”


“Okay, we’ll do that.”

They’d done what they could for Yurika and began to eat their own food. This morning’s meal had been picked especially for the play, it was easily digestible udon. However, udon alone would be dull, so there were several sides of things like fried egg. As far as breakfast was concerned, they were ready for war.

As they finished breakfast, Yurika finally recovered her ability to speak and started her second glass of milk.

“Sorry for making you worry.”

“Yurika-chan, I hope you’ve learnt to properly wake up from this.”

Shizuka spoke up with a wry smile, already knowing what had happened.

“It wasn’t my fault today!”

“We’re sorry, ho-.”

“We didn’t know it was sauce that killed people, ho-.”

“Killed people!?”

Yurika had returned to normal and so had the atmosphere of room 106. You could somewhat say that everyone was thinking of each other. Their relationships had grown a lot in these ten months.

“Koutarou, egg.”

“Sure, sure.”

Sanae was happily giving orders to Koutarou. She was a little timid because Yurika couldn’t eat.

“Udon this time.”


Sanae was just calling out her favourite foods, now that Yurika was recovered, there was no need for restraint. But, a problem occurred.

“And finally, an octopus sausage!”

“You really like those, don’t you.”


The thing Sanae was most looking forward to was eating octopus shaped sausages.




Theia had quickly extended her chopsticks and taken the last one. This had happened before, and immediately caused a fight, Ruth worried for an instant whether it would happen again.

“Here, go ahh.”


“Hm, don’t you want it?”

“I do, I do! Eat it, Koutarou!”



But Ruth’s fears were unfounded, Theia put the food in Koutarou’s mouth with a smile.


“…What’s that all about?”

After eating the sausage, Koutarou looked at Theia strangely.

“There’s not really a reason. If you forced me… I’d say it’s because I want to make the play a success. That’s all.”

Theia smiled, she’d taken it by sheer chance and easily gave it over to Koutarou and Sanae. She didn’t have any reason to be mean to them. Rather, it being the day of the play, she should encourage them.

“I see, if you say so, I’m sure that’s the case.”

“O-of course, there’s no other reason!”

“But thank you, Theia.”


The real reason was because Theia was kind, but she was shy, so they pretended not to notice.

“That aside, Sanae, I’m eating some vegetables.”

“That’s fine, I’ll get off and you can eat all you want.”

“That’s not going to happen.”

“K-Koutarou!? L-let me go, no, I don’t want green peppeeeeerrrrrs!”

“Give up, resistance is meaningless.”


Koutarou ate minced meat and green peppers cooked in sesame oil and looked over the room. Theia had the script in one hand and was slurping her noodles, Ruth was worrying over how to point out the bad manners to her. The haniwa were being fed green peppers by Kiriha. Yurika was still drinking milk. Next to her was Shizuka, drinking tea, and Sanae was crying out in his arms.

“B-bitter, Let me go, Koutarou~~!”

“Give up, I’m not letting go.”

There was no sense they were enemies in the air, it was more like they were friends, gathered together for the play. Or one step further, something special.

“Koutarou, d-don’t you love me!?”

“It’s because I do.”

“That’s a lie, nooo, I don’t want green peppers!”

That day, they’d perform the second part off the play. That success would probably change them, but they didn’t know that now, they just were surrounded in kind and gentle time and surrendered themselves to it.

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