Afterword & Bonus


To everyone who joined through the novels, it’s been a while. To everyone who joined through the anime, it’s good to meet you, I’m the author, Takehaya.

This book is a series of mini-episodes the cover how the characters’ relationships change with the seasons between episodes one and twelve. In the original books, it’d be from volume one to seven. I thought it could be a review for those who read the original books and supplementary material for those who only watched the anime.

This time, I decided to pull an about face and play at the end of the book, including some extra. A scene where the characters are only organised by lines. That plan ended up becoming an experiment to see if it was possible to distinguish the characters only by their speaking style. I wrote four pages with nine characters this time.

‘Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?’ has many scenes were there are many character talking in one place. This is decided in the planning stages. Individually saying who was talking each time would quickly use up all the pages. So being able to tell the characters apart from their lines and the usage of sound effects is important. I haven’t explained it properly yet though, I thought I’d try it once, that’s what the thing at the end of this book is. Everyone that read it, how was it? Could you properly tell who was speaking? I’ll be happy if you could.

I might do something like this again, but detached from the original story like this, I think it’ll be fun to read.

Now that I’m here, I thought I’d talk about the anime a little.

It was around volume five when making this into an anime came up. It’s currently at sixteen volumes plus the side-story, so eighteen volumes, thirteen volumes more. The series is published every four months, so with a rough calculation, it’s been about four years and four months. However, many things happened all at once and it only actually started last year. I think I kept all the readers waiting quite a bit. Or maybe a lot of people gave up on it, I’m sorry for making you wait so long.

However, those four years were good luck for me.

I planned to make this a long series from the start, but I made it so it could be ended properly at any time if it were discontinued, when I started, I prepared four endings, at three, five, seven and the original planned lengths. (Strictly speaking, the long version has several degrees too.)

I did this because I wanted to avoid the series not getting enough popularity to continue and betraying the fans that had bought it.

However, that structure made the whole work more complicated. For example, in episode one on this DVD/Blu-Ray, Koutarou meets a mysterious girl in some ruins, but in each of the four paths, her design was slightly different. In the novels it was fine to not have an illustration, but the anime needed a design. There were several things like that in the series.

However, it started around volume five, where it wasn’t clear whether it would be the seven volume or long version. So if the anime had gotten the green light then, the design wouldn’t have been finalised but a design would need to be chosen. I think everyone would understand that that would be a minus to everyone.

Three years passed and last year the anime development committee came to life. I think there were fifteen volumes out at that point, including the side story, and the setting and design were finalised so the anime didn’t have anything to hesitate over. Thanks to that, everyone could see the anime as it was planned. Rather, I think the parts that weren’t drawn in the novels or were vaguely misdirecting were clearly drawn.

That’s why I think those four years were good luck.

I want to deeply thank the editorial department who worked so hard on this series and the anime, Poco-san who is in charge of illustrations, all the companies involved, the voice actors and everyone who bought this DVD/Blu-Ray.

If luck is with us, let us meet again.

August 2014


DVD Bonus Planning – Emergency Character Symposium!!

Talk theme: Can you tell the difference between characters just from their lines!?

“Now then, let’s just get started with our emergency character symposium. I, Sanae-chan am the chair!”

“Um, um, is it alright to name yourself?”

“I thought we should show who was talking first. Showing that distinction is what this conversation is about.”

“That’s true I suppose.”

“So then, sound off.”

“I’m the princess of love and courage ☆ Magical Girl Rainbow Yurika!”

“I’m Kurano Kiriha.”

“I am Theiamillis Gre Forthorthe.”

“I’m Ruth. Thank you for always taking care of me.”

“I’m Kasagi Shizuka, sorry the room’s so small.”

“I’m Sakuraba Harumi. Is it alright, even calling me here…”

“I think it is fine, I’m here too after all.”

“Name yourself, four eyes.”

“I’m Clariossa Daora Forthorthe. Geez, it’s all that false Blue Knight’s fault that I have to do this…”

“Where is Satomi Koutarou? I thought we’d finally finish this.”

“Maki-chan, name yourself.”

“Whoops, that’s right. I’m Aika Maki, the indigo magical girl that controls hearts.”

“Hello to everyone once again, I’m the unfortunate, beautiful ghost girl, Higashihongan Sanae. I thought I’d like to send off these nine this time.”

“By the way, Sanae, where are Koutarou and the haniwa?”

“They speak really differently, so it’s fine, considering the pages left.”

“That’s true, just our introductions have already taken nearly two pages.”

“What are they doing~?”

“They chickened out.”

“We took them some tea and snacks earlier and the three were complaining to someone about their treatment.”

“Well, you can tell if one of them is talking from ‘ore’ or ‘ho-‘ so there’s no helping it.”

“So Satomi Koutarou isn’t coming? Then I’m leaving.”

“N-no! Sit down please!”

“If he’s not here, then there’s no reason for me to be here. Someday I will take my vengeance.”

“It’s fine isn’t it, there aren’t that many pages left. I want to go soon too, I need to tidy the back garden.”

“No no! Everyone sit down! That’s my duty as chair.”

“Fu… Okay, in exchange, I’d like you to finish this quickly.”

“So, Sanae-chan, what should we talk about?”

“Let’s see, let’s test how far we can go with just lines, say what you want.”

“…I deal with the choice the worst. Talking when I have lines like a play is easiest.”

“You’re reserved by nature.”

“Sanae-sama, why don’t we decide on a conversation topic?”

“Let’s do that. Then… Everyone give a comment on Koutarou.”

“Satomi-san is a bully. But he gives me food so he’s a precious person.”

“Koutarou… is my best friend, that’s what I think recently.”

“He’s an idiot. In both the good way and the bad way.”

“Your Highness, you can’t… oh no, umm, Satomi-sama is a kind person.”

“He’s my precious tenant. It’d be good for him to live here like this for a while.”

“He’s my junior in the same society. But recently he’s not just that…

“Ber- whoops, that man is an old fashioned stubborn person. I can’t follow him.”

“He’s my greatest rival. Defeating him is everything to me.”

“In my case… Koutarou is Koutarou. The only one. Recently we’ve been sleeping together.”

“So that’s everyone.”

“I wonder if the readers were able to distinguish us all.”

“It’s fiiine! I’m sure they could! In their soul!”

“…I’d really like to know the basis for that confidence.”




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