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The Firedrake Emperor Alunaya dwelled within Shizuka’s body, but if he tried, he could temporarily separate himself. Although, if he were to do something large-scale, it would use up a large amount of magic and invite Shizuka’s scolding. After various experimentation, he found that if he made a small illusion and move his will and senses to it, using only a fraction of his power, then it would use little enough magic that Shizuka wouldn’t complain. And so sometimes, he would separate from Shizuka and explore the neighbourhood.

“It’s intrigued me for a while, but what is this?”

“It’s a post box, ho-.”

“It’s a way to send letters, ho.”

“I have the impression that Old Forthorthe had this kind of thing too. I understand.”

When Alunaya explored the neighbourhood, Karama and Korama would often accompany him. The two Haniwa had mostly sorted Kiriha’s problems, so they were free, and their ability to fly through the air and conceal themselves was helpful for Alunaya’s exploration. But the biggest reason was that they liked him, their hearts were stolen by the emperor like personality he sometimes showed.

“Mister Monster, there’s someone we wanted to introduce you to today, ho.”

“It should be a good day to meet them, ho.”

“What kind of person are they?”

“He’s the boss of this area, ho.”

“So we wanted to introduce you to the boss and he’d know you too, ho.”

He didn’t have any firm destination in mind, so he went along with their suggestion of going to meet this person. Alunaya had no wish to damage the local community will ill manners, so followed after the Haniwa with no hesitation.

Just as they were nearing their destination, the group encountered some unforeseen trouble. It was as they decided to take a shortcut through a back-alley. A group of frenzied stray dogs were encircling a kitten.

“Hah, curses!”

The instant Alunaya saw this, he raced off. The dogs were ready to kill so if it was left like this, the kitten’s life would be in danger.

“This is how Mister Monster is cool, ho.”

“Let’s go too, ho-!”

Alunaya could probably drive them off on his own, but the Haniwa had no intention of making their respected emperor fight alone. The two Haniwa hurriedly followed after Alunaya.

“Why you, if you were aiming for an adult then be that as it may, but a child!? And in numbers no less!!”

The fight was settled in an instant. At Alunaya and the Haniwa’s interference, the majority of the stray dogs fled in fear of Alunaya. The intuition of wild creatures could feel the true essence lurking behind the round and cute eyes of the plush toy.

“Grrrrr, arf arf arf!”

However, a small portion of the group attacked Alunaya. The group leader and the dogs that didn’t have working intuition.

“Leave this to us, ho-!”

“We won’t let you lay a single finger on him, ho-!”

However, the attacking dogs were thwarted by the barrier that the Haniwa made, and brought to a standstill. And then, as Alunaya bared his fangs and menaced them, they left, downtrodden. All that was left was the kitten, its injuries throbbing.

The Haniwa guided Alunaya to a small park. There were no people there, only a group of cats gathered around.


The kitten had followed them this far and now headed towards the cats. As it did, their gazes simultaneously moved to Alunaya and the Haniwa.

“It looks like you could join your companions.”

“And we can meet the boss, ho-!”

The kitten mewed with the group for a while, and as it did, a comparatively larger, black cat emerged from the group and approached them. The leader of the group.

“Meow, me-ow.”

The black cat approached to in front of Alunaya and sat down neatly there, staring motionlessly at Alunaya’s face. The kitten followed a little behind and lay on its side, showing Alunaya its stomach.

“This is the boss of this area, Himon Senmon-san, ho.”

“He and the fishmonger are fated rivals, ho.”

“I see… It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I am the King of the Firedrakes, Alunaya.”

“Meow, meow.”

In this way, the boss and Alunaya met peaceably and with saving the kitten, relations between them started well. If there was a problem, it would be that gifts would be sent to Corona House. To the cats, the best gift were mice they caught themselves. That would be terrifying to Shizuka.



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