Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – Vol. 24 Store Bonus – Book☆Walker


As Koutarou finished work and returned to room 106, it was just getting to the time people were thinking of food.

“I’m home.”

“Welcome back, Koutarou.”

“Welcome back, my lord.”

Just after the entry way, in the kitchen, Kiriha and Ruth were in the middle of cooking. To avoid getting in their way, Koutarou quietly moved to the main room.

“…Welcome back.”

As he did, Sanae greeted him with a grim face. To be precise, the ghostly ‘Sanae-chan’ had the grim face, her physical body, ‘Sanae-san’ had her usual smile.

“Welcome back, Koutarou-san.”

“I’m home. What’s up with her?”


“…I sense green peppers!”

Still with her grim face, Sanae-chan pointed towards the kitchen. Looking like there was a family enemy over there.


“What do you mean ‘again’!? It’s a serious issue, right!?”

Sanae-chan had separated from Sanae because she hated green peppers and was intending to make Sanae-san eat them alone.

“Are you trying to say that I, Sanae-chan should be traumatised!?”

“Just shut up and eat the meat-stuffed peppers. Try standing in Sanae-san’s shoes, she’s always eating them alone.”

“I don’t want to try, that’s why I separated!”

“…Of course.”

Sanae had an unbalanced diet, but lately, because of Sanae-san’s influence, she was less picky than before. Even so, even now she hated green peppers and her separating like this to escape was an everyday occurrence.

“That’s right, Satomi-san. Everyone has one or two weak points, accepting and respecting them is the spirit of charity.”

Then, riding in on Sanae-chan’s coat tails, came Yurika. Her diet was awful, rather than just green peppers, she disliked edible chrysanthenums, celery and the like along with strong smelling foods. With an ally in Sanae, now was the time to fight, only pressing for an answer at the critical moment.

“You shouldn’t use charity as an excuse like that.”

“Satomi-san, do you hate me!?”

“Of course not?”

“You do, you only do things I hate.”

To try and escape the nightmare of peppers, she puffed out her cheeks and kept complaining. However, she felt the situation turning bad, and turned for help from Theia this time.

“Don’t you think, Theia-chan!?”

“I’m not sure about that.”

Theia had been watching relatively calmly. When it came to food, she wasn’t particularly picky at all, so even when she was asked for agreement, she spoke frankly.

“Though in my case, if I really didn’t want to, it’d be fine if I didn’t.”

However, Theia was a person that spoke from a selfish point of view, so she wasn’t going to actively support Koutarou.

“It’s unfair it’s just Theia-chan!”

“That’s right! We don’t want to eat it either!”

“Oi, Theia, don’t make things worse.”

“S-sorry, I didn’t mean anything bad.”

Thanks to Theia’s statement, things became more chaotic. As Theia looked around for help after Koutarou’s complaint, Kiriha and Ruth finished preparing the food and came into the room. On the trays they were carrying, were plates of meat-stuffed green peppers for each person.

“It’s here, noooo!”

“I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Geez, Sanae-chan…”

“…My lord, what’s the commotion about?”

“Actually, they don’t want to each green peppers again.”

“Oh dear…”

“By the way, Kiriha, why did you choose green peppers if you knew it would end up like this?”

“That’s a difference in perspective. I chose them because I knew it would end up like this.”

“Kiriha-san, did you want to cause an argument from the start!?”

“Indeed, that’s why I chose plain meat-stuffed peppers.”

The number of people increasing caused chaos, and while eating, they all clamoured about this and that. This was their daily life, room 106 was peaceful today too.



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