Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 23 Store Bonus – Toranoana – Side: Nana


Romance was the thing that Nana didn’t understand the most. This was because she focussed too much on being a magical girl. From when she was small, she’d always wanted to be valued as a genius magical girl so she’d dissapeared into the groups of girls older by several years and trained constantly. And then, leaping up several ranks, she’d become an Arch Wizard and, only going on solo-missions, fundamentally had no contact with men. Therefore, by the time she noticed it, she had grown in stature alone.

“…So, I wanted to ask frankly, what am I like as a girl?”

“Straight to the heart of the matter, huh.”

“I know it’s something strange to ask. But I don’t have any other honest male acquaintances than you, Satomi-san.”

The one she turned to in that sense of crisis was Koutarou. The one male close to her, and who knew her in the past somewhat too. He was an honest and reliable person, he kept his promises and spoke truthfully. And she’d also decided to entrust Yurika to him.

“If that’s how it is.”

“Well then, what do you think?”

“Is it alright if I stare a little?”

“That’s fine, look as much as you like. That’s why I came here.”

Nana nodded in understanding and stood in front of Koutarou, turning with her arms outstretched. She spun around once as he looked at her figure.

“Don’t hold back and properly tell me what you think.”

“Umm… I think you’re very cute.”

Koutarou honestly spoke what he felt. From what Koutarou saw, she was as lovely as a doll on display.

“In what way?”

“First, I think your figure’s very feminine.”

“Phew… thank goodness.”

At hearing Koutarou’s words, she let out a small sigh. Hearing that he could feel her femininity had a big meaning to her. She realised that she’d spent all of her time fighting, so they gave her a great sense of relief. Then, perhaps because she was relieved, she leant forward and pressed him further.

“What else?”

“Your body’s small and slender so… um…”

Faced with this, Koutarou grew uncomfortable. He understood her circumstances but continuing to talk about a girl’s good points when she was right in front of him was hard for a teenage boy. However, Nana didn’t really know that so she closed the distance between them, her eyes sparkling.


“It makes you want to stay next to you and protect you.”

“Protect… hmm, so that’s how I seem.”

Even as Koutarou was overwhelmed, he somehow managed to answer Nana’s question. As he did, Nana gained a strange look and started gazing at her own body.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, this is the first time a man has said they wanted to protect me, so… fu fu fu.”

This too was the fault of her narrow focus. She was someone that protected others, not someone who was protected. So Koutarou’s words were fresh for her.

“But, Satomi-san… Do you really think that?”


“You know right, my body is mostly a lump of metal.”

But Nana was also uneasy. Her body was mostly artificial, so this was the basis for her fears.

“I think normal men would want to be with you no matter what your body’s made of.”



Kenji was a definite. And even otherwise, Koutarou was sure that many others would hold feelings for Nana.

“Then, you would too?”

“Can’t we leave me aside?”

“I want to hear it, won’t you tell me?”


Koutarou frantically searched his mind for some way to distract Nana. However, because her expression was sparkling with happiness, he finally decided to honestly tell her his feelings.


Nana (Magical Girl Rainbow Nana)
Among the top class even in the Magic Kingdom, she’s a magical girl that was Yurika’s mistress.
She temporarily had a large handicap with her body, but everyone in room 106 cured her, she’s now doing various rehabilitation exercises.


6 comments on “Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 23 Store Bonus – Toranoana – Side: Nana
  1. […] was cute and I couldn’t resist the ship tease, so here’s Nana’s store bonus. No actual story spoilers beyond volume 19 […]


  2. YumiP says:

    That tease


  3. Neko MK2 says:

    What the Nana-san joined the harem ship and here I thought she will stay in side line like sanae mom


  4. amaranthis says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if Nana would end up in harem aswell.


  5. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for your work; I waited until I could read the main volume before reading these side stories.

    “her back alone had already grown.”<- the word 背, in this kind of contexts, means "height", not "back".


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