Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – Vol. 21 Store Bonus – Animate – Side: Ruthkhania

The girl called Ruth had an unusual talent with the sword. However, perhaps unfortunately, she didn’t have the personality to use that talent. Her diligence aside, her gentle and family-oriented traits completely stalled her, burying her skills with the sword.

However, one day, the time for her skills to flourish arrived. Everyone in room 106 was imitating a game they saw on the television.

“Rock, paper, scissors!”

The toy hammer in Ruth’s hand hit Koutarou on the head with a squeak. Even Koutarou, with his knowledge of swordplay couldn’t defend against it, it was a magnificent strike.

Koutarou and Ruth were play fighting with toy hammers. Sitting opposite, the two would play rock, paper, scissors, the winner would hit the loser with the hammer and the loser would have to get a helmet on in time to defend against it. If they couldn’t, the one that hit would get a point.

“Ruth takes the first point! Will this be her win again?”

Sanae was the referee and doodled in the notebook as she wrote down the point. They were playing winner stays on, but Ruth had actually won the last three games. Clan, Yurika dnd Kiriha had all been crushed with her overwhelming strength. This was a rare development, so Sanae was rather enjoying it.

“Good job, Ruth-san.”

“It seems this game is suited to me.”

Waving the hammer back and forth, Ruth smiled in enjoyment at Koutarou. Not liking violence, she had very few ways to use her talent with the sword. But this game was different. They used toy hammers and solid helmets, so even if you hit with full force, you didn’t need to worry about hurting your opponent. That broke the chains of friendliness binding her heart.

“That’s where you say ‘that’s the Pardomshihas’ I suppose.”

“Aren’t you not being serious, Master?”

Ruth put the toy hammer between them. If she didn’t, the next round couldn’t begin.

“I’m being plenty serious.”

Koutarou put the helmet next to it, confirming exactly where they were as he did so. His opponent was one of the pre-eminent knights of Forthorthe, descended from the Pardomshihas. If he didn’t make proper preparations, it was inevitable he’d be utterly defeated.

“But what about your spiritual power or magic?”

“Using them in a game would be against the rules, right?”

“I don’t want to beat the Blue Knight though.”

Ruth was a girl from Forthorthe, so she had a strong attachment to the legendary Blue Knight. And as a girl, she felt the one she loved was special. So she actually wanted to be completely defeated.

“Then, after everyone’s done playing, I’ll show you my full power.”

“Ahaha, it’s a promise, Master!”

Another chain binding her heart was broken.

A woman supported the man.

But if he was going to be serious later, Ruth’s strength here would highlight Koutarou’s when he was serious.

“Rock, paper, scissors!”


Ruth was serious. Thanks to that, her lunge was a lightning fast strike that made everyone in the room murmur.


Ruthkhania Nye Pardomshiha
An alien that came from the Holy Forthorthean Galactic Empire as the princess Theia’s attendant.
She’s recently spent many full days working as the Vice-leader of the Satomi Knight Order.

6 comments on “Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – Vol. 21 Store Bonus – Animate – Side: Ruthkhania
  1. mecharos says:

    As I thought. This kind of side stories which tells the girls in 106 always makes me smiles. Hahaha
    Thank you for the Chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lucy says:

    Thanks for the chapters. Will you be translating the drama cds released with volume 20 and 21? I hope you do because I really want to know about the plot in the drama cds. Thank you again.


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