Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 20 Store Bonus – MelonBooks – Side: Theiamillis

A year and a half had passed since they came to Earth, and Theia had grown significantly from the girl she was. However, that growth was focussed inwards, so you couldn’t feel much of that growth by her appearance.

“Hmph, damn this, damn this!”

Theia was tearing up a piece of paper and stamping her feet. That alone didn’t sate her anger, so she puffed up her cheeks in irritation. Koutarou and Ruth, who was nearby brewing tea, though this was strange, so Koutarou asked.

“… What’s got Theia so riled up?”

“I… her body measurements that were on that piece of paper…”

“Ah… So that’s what it is.”

Ruth answered indirectly, but the keywords ‘body measurements’ let him understand too. It was something that had been a problem several times. So Koutarou smiled wryly and spoke to Theia.

“Hey, Theia. Being small isn’t important, is it?”

“You’re big, so you don’t understand how small people feel!”

But Theia wasn’t in the mood to listen and his words just added fuel to the fire.

“That stature’s helped you, you know?”

“What!? How has it done that!?”

“We know you well so it hasn’t really mattered, but for people that don’t, your cute appearance has given most of them a good opinion of you.”

Theia had grown in personality, but even so, she had a harsh attitude to people that said something wrong. What weakened that impression was her small body. Because it was a small girl saying it, they’d somehow forgive her. If she’d been taller, with an adult woman’s body, many more people would have had an issue with her.

“Are you saying that I look like a child!?”

“I’m saying about people that don’t know you well hearing that.”

“Unununu… You don’t know how things work…”

“Forgive me. Not everyone receives a space princess’ education.”

Theia placed a high value of logic and fairness, as a princess should. But the people of Earth didn’t think of her as a princess. So there was a difference in how they thought, and her stature was useful for correcting that difference.


Theia grew a little calmer at Koutarou’s words, but she was still angry. Then, she turned the argument on Koutarou.

“Then, Koutarou, what do you think? By that logic, you can value my personality fairly.”

Koutarou understood her position, so he should be able to take her deeds on their own, without being influenced by her appearance. She wanted to hear the opinion of someone that could do that.

“I can’t really say I can judge your personality fairly either.”


“How to put it… Ruth-san, can you help for a second?”


“Would you sit next to Theia?”

“I don’t mind, but…?”

Even though she thought it was strange, she followed his request without hesitation and knelt at Theia’s side with perfect posture.


The moment she did, Koutarou let out a yell and karate chopped Theia’s head.

“Ahh!? What’s that all about!?”

“Calm down, it’s what I meant.”


“If you were a little more adult like, like Ruth-san for example, I wouldn’t be able to hit your head that casually. So I’m influenced by your appearance too.”


Theia reached wordlessly for her head as she heard his explanation. The sensation of Koutarou hitting her still lingered, and she felt like it was something she wanted to be a normal occurrence.

“T-then, I suppose I can stay like this for a while.”

“You honour me with your words, Your Highness.”


Of course, this didn’t completely expel Theia’s complex about her size, but she could see the logic behind Koutarou’s words and it brought her whirling emotions to a stop. She began to think that maybe it wasn’t all bad.

“I can’t accept it!”

But it brought forth another dissatisfaction in someone, Ruth.

“It’s unreasonable for you to treat us differently based solely on our appearance, master! I also demand violent and unreasonable treatment!”

“C-calm down, Ruth.”

“Ruth-san, you’re asking the impossible!”

Ruth was really dissatisfied, so Koutarou and Theia would need a little more time to persuade her.


3 comments on “Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 20 Store Bonus – MelonBooks – Side: Theiamillis
  1. NeoAnkara says:

    While I love Rokujouma I’m hoping for more World Break instead. After all there are enough Rokujouma to last for a while but there are not enough of World Break(well Shizuno specifically). Either way I’m still happy.


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