Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 18 Store Bonus – MelonBooks – Side: Karama & Corama


 While they had an unusual birth, the haniwa, Karama and Korama were constantly seeking to improve themselves. That day, they didn’t have any idea how to improve themselves as they stared at a piece of paper on the dining table and continued a meaningless argument.

“That’s really our rival, ho!”

“It keeps stealing our time to shine, ho!”

The topic today was that they weren’t standing out. As they repeated the arguments, they kept arriving at the existence of a rival, the unmanned small fighter that was called from the Blue Knight.

“It’s just full of weapons, ho.”

“Now you mention it, it always has different weapons when it’s called, ho.”

There was a cute picture of the drone drawn on the paper they were gathered around. Drawn by their autograph pen. The drone had a lot of options, so in large scale battles, it had lots of places it could shine. The haniwa were general purpose automata, so compared poorly to the combat drone. There was no helping it stealing the spotlight.

“But we have weapons too, ho!”

“Spirit blades and guns, and there’s O-hime, ho! But they’re always away, ho.”

“We need something we can always use right away, ho!”

“Then we’ll have more opportunities, ho! Let’s ask Anego’s friend, Clan-chan, ho!”

The point of improvement they found today was that there weren’t many circumstances they could use their options. So they came to the conclusion of having Clan send them their weapons as she got on well with Kiriha.

“But its most terrifying thing isn’t its weapons, ho.”

“That’s the biggest problem, ho.”

But the haniwa noticed another, awfully important point. Rather than focussing on increasing their combat options, they should see this as dangerous.

“It’s Ruth-chan, ho!”

“A full-time operator is unfair, ho!”

“It itself isn’t great, ho!”

“The amazing one is Ruth-chan, ho!”

The haniwa followed Kiriha’s orders, but in the end, the judgement was theirs. In battle, Kiriha had to focus on commanding all their allies, so couldn’t just command the haniwa. Whereas the drone had Ruth as a full-time operator, she could focus solely on that, so in the end, it raised its battle efficiency. The haniwa were jealous of that.

“That’s right, ho! We should have Ruth-chan look after us too, ho!”

“That’s right, ho! Let’s go greet her with a box of cakes, ho!”

“We’re geniuses, ho!”

“This is how we’re different from the drone, ho!”

The conclusion they finally arrived at was to have Ruth take over their operation. There was the possibility that that was essentially a loss, but the optimistic haniwa didn’t particularly pay attention to that.



One comment on “Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 18 Store Bonus – MelonBooks – Side: Karama & Corama
  1. chad001 says:

    Wait if Ruth operates the Haniwas who’s going to operate the drone lol.


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