Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – Vol. 18 Store Bonus – Book☆Walker – Side:Maki

BW_表_六畳間18SS_A5-olMagic was a traditional technique, and of course, not everyone could use it, so it was fundamentally passed down from master to apprentice. This didn’t change, even with Rainbow Heart and Darkness Rainbow. Maki had actually learnt magic from her mistress, Maya.

“Make us your apprentices please, ho-!”

“We want to learn magic, ho-!”

“… Haniwa-san, are you saying that seriously?”

However, asking to be her apprentices, were unexpectedly the two Haniwa. They both got on with her well and were lined up in front of her, both hands on the floor with their heads deeply bowed. Though, them being Haniwa meant that it was closer to them lying on the floor.

“We’re serious, ho-!”

“We have something we need to do, ho-!”

At first, Maki thought it was a joke, but the Haniwa were serious. They’d rushed over to Maki and frantically spoken their minds.

“Something you have to do? What?”

“We need to beat that thing, ho-!”

“We’ll show the power of Haniwa, ho-!”

“‘That thing’?”

“The blue thing that Ruth-chan uses, ho-!”

“We want to be stronger than that unmanned fighter, ho!”


The Haniwa plead earnestly as they shook back and forth, and finally Maki understood their situation. They saw the unmanned drone that Ruth used in emergencies as a rival, they wanted the strength to overcome that.

“We thought a lot about how to become strong, ho-!”

“We’d ally with Ruth-chan, and learn martial arts, ho!”

“Then, we finally thought of the ultimate strategy, ho!”

“We’d become magical girls, ho!”

“It can’t use magic, ho-!”

“I see…”

She was surprised at first, but there was some truth to the Haniwa’s words. The drone wouldn’t be able to use magic, being a simple machine. So if they could learn magic, it would certainly be a large advantage.

“Maki-chan, please, ho-!”

“Make us your apprentices, ho-!”

“Well, I don’t mind you being my apprentices at least, but…”

“Really, ho!? Thank you, ho!!”

“We’ll call you mistress from now on, ho!!”

“I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to use magic.”

“What, ho-!?”

“What do you mean, ho-!?”

The Haniwa’s faces were shocked at Maki’s words. The blank faces coming towards her slightly overawed Maki as she explained.

“You need to be born with the ability for magic. If you don’t have the ability, even if I teach you, you won’t be able to use it, that’s what I mean.”

Maki’s worry was that they weren’t human. Even humans couldn’t  use magic if they didn’t have the ability. And the probability a person would have the ability was low. With the Haniwa, that probability was probably even lower.

“Making the impossible possible, we’ll definitely beat it, ho!”

“We’re Japanese Men, ho! We’ll definitely become magical girls, ho!”

“It’s good that you’re ready, but…”

If they knew they might not be able to use magic then she didn’t mind. She thought it was strange, but she’d try and teach them magic.

The first magic that Maki would teach the Haniwa was the basics of basics. The weakest among the magic that made light, that all magic users started learning.

“Let’s go, Karama!”

“Right, Korama!”

“Fire Bug, ho-!”

“Fire Bug, ho-!”

They raised their chopstick sized magic staffs and simultaneously chanted the incantation. As they did, their bodies began to glow weakly.

“They did it!?”

Maki was hugely surprised at that. Not matter that they had a soul, their bodies were definitely artificial. It could be called a miracle that they could somehow use magic. Because Maki understood how magic worked well, Maki was deeply surprised.

“It went out, ho-.”

“It was just a little, ho-.”

However, the Haniwa really couldn’t use magic. The light that enveloped their bodies extinguished shortly.

“We really don’t have the talent then, ho-.”

“We’re not suited for it, ho-.”

They dejectedly dropped their shoulders. Wanting to become magical girls, the Haniwa had wanted to shine for longer.

“That’s not true. For you, the fact that you could use magic at all is amazing.”

If you asked Maki, the Haniwa had an astounding talent for magic. It appeared weak compared to humans, but they had magic as Haniwa. It really was a miracle that they could use magic.

“Why don’t you try a little more, yeah?”


“We’ll do our best, ho–!!”

The Haniwa apprenticed themselves to Maki with this, and began walking the path of magical girls. Of course, they couldn’t use amazing magic. However, before long, they’d learn magic to make a faint scent, and magic to cool a little, and succeed in adding value to themselves. The drone couldn’t do that, so they were satisfied with it.



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  2. Neko MK2 says:

    the hell they said they are japanese man but they want to be magical girls lo
    those haniwa :v


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