Mahoyome #2

I noticed the second episode quicker this week, so the post comes quicker too. Poor Elias.



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World Break – Volume 3 – Chapter 2

lsancgWow, it’s been a fair while, hasn’t it. Well, I come bearing a chapter which had very little of its contents adapted it seems, so here we go.

Little bit of admin stuff: this was released so soon after the last release (in general, not WB specifically) because I felt bad it’d been a while since the last release for the series, things will be spacing out more now, I’m going to be aiming for a release each week, though it may be as slow as every fortnight, and may be as fast as two within a week. (One at the weekend, one midweek)

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Monster Tamer’s Fluffy Master-Apprentice Life — Volume 1 — Chapter 1

qdcscuThis got a really nice (actually far nicer than I was expecting for something out of nowhere) response, so thank you guys for that, which made me want to do some more of it, so here’s chapter 1, edited by Ibra.

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Monster Tamer’s Fluffy Master-Apprentice Life — Volume 1 — Prologue

coverWow, two releases in a day? (Ignore the fact that one of them was literally 30 seconds worth of content) Yeah, yet another new thing, with super cute art, I couldn’t stop myself. Anyway, Lute c3 is currently in editing, and WB c2 is in progress, depending on the editors’ free time, you might see either one in the next week or so!

Also, as you may or may not have seen, BakaPervert will be working on Saijaku with me, so go thank him for making sure that you’ll most likely be able to read a fair bit of it pretty fast (and hopefully encouraging me to work on it slightly more, but we’ll see how everything in general balances out).


The young ‘monster tamer’, Shinra is an ally of monsters, creatures that live off mana, aiding their interactions with humans. He lives quietly in the forest, and is suddenly entrusted with something — the beautiful girl Alessa, carrying a small dragon! He accepts her when she says she has nowhere to go, and with Ruri, the girl that lived with him already, the three (and the dragon) start to live together, and Shinra teaches the joys of the world to Alessa.

Chapter here, edited by Jet Fuel.

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Mahoyome #1

The first ‘proper’ episode has released, enjoy your 30s of cuteness:



Full Playlist:

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Mahoyome #0

I realised I should probably make a post from this so people would actually be likely to see it. There’s a short series (30 seconds per episode) airing on twitter alongside the main series, and I got sent this and asked to sub it, so here’s the ‘prequel’.



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Revenge Magia of the Magic Breaker — Volume 1 — Prologue

5.jpgFirst off, a quick note: There’s a fair bit of stuff in here that could do with TL notes, I haven’t added them yet, and in fact will only be adding them to the epub release, if/when I finish it. If there’s something you don’t understand, either google it or ask in the comments.

Second, a summary:

At the beginning of the 21st Century, behind the brilliant progress of science, mankind has built up a strong Magic Culture. Tsuchimikado Haruna stands in the USA in order to solve a mystery at Salem Witches’ Academy, an organisation that raises magicians, who sway the world’s power balance. “To expect every situation, and to have an infinite variety in tactics, this is how an Onmyouji fights.” Norse Mythology, Necromancy, Vampirism, all those magic systems will be sent flying with Oriental Magic! The High-end Magic Battle Fantasy, begins here!!

Thirdly, the chapter, thanks to Ibra for editing for me.

(This totally didn’t interest me originally because the author’s pen-name is a string of the same character)

Author: Nekojishi Koneko
Illustrator: Ibuki Notsu

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