Slave Elf Wife — Volume 2 — Chapter 4

k004.jpgThe end is now in sight. Chapter 4 is here, and is nearly 12 thousand words long. The epilogue and afterword are the only things left now. I won’t actually be moving on to what’s next according to my ‘schedule’, the epilogue will be fairly short once I’ve finished it, so that will come out first (should be either tomorrow or the day after).

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Slave Elf Manga Picked Up

t51(Not by me myself, I hasten to add)

No Group Scanlations has picked up the manga of this and released chapter 1 about 15 minutes ago. The images are kinda blurry and the typesetting and stuff is (potentially purposefully) shitty and the translation isn’t quite the same dialogue wise as the LN, but people should still hopefully enjoy it. And hopefully they can get some competent staff for it too.

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Monster Tamer’s Fluffy Master-Apprentice Life — Volume 1 — Intermission


Next part done. Now, it says intermission, but it seems to be nearing the end of the setup for whatever conflict this’ll end up having.

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Low-Life (Seishun Buta) Volume 1 — Chapter 3

k003.jpgAgain, my estimates for this series end up significantly off. Regardless enjoy chapter 3, bringing us to over halfway through the volume (around 62% through.)

This is also has a section that makes it pretty appropriate to post seeing as it’s apparently Mothers’ Day in most of the rest of the world (Ours was about a month and a half ago).

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Slave Elf Wife — Volume 2 — Chapter 3

co1sjmlThere we go, slightly later than I intended, but still chapter 3, nearly 10k words. As usual, let me know if I’ve made any fuck-ups. It’s eminently possible seeing as my wrist is killing me and I have exams coming up this week.

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Revenge Magia of the Magic Breaker — Volume 1 — Chapter 2

And so we have chapter 2 of Magia.

Now, this is a pretty short chapter (less than 5000 words), so consider reading about some bunny girls in the spare time you have.


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Low-Life (Seishun Buta) Volume 1 — Chapter 2

MaiBunny2.pngThis actually ended up being slightly longer than I expected, by nearly 700 words. Chapter 2 — Reparations of Reconciliation.

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  • Slave Elf - v3 prologue (planned)
  • Low-Life (Seishun Buta) - v2c1 (planned)
  • Magia - v1c3 (planned)
  • Monster Tamer - v1c3 (planned)
  • Trinity Seven - v2c2 (translating 6k words)
  • Wind and Lute - v1c4 (planned)
  • World Break - v3c4 (planned)
The top two will alternate, with a chapter in between each cycle going down the list.