I Hold Your Voice Alone, Under The Starry Sky — Chapter 1 & Intermission 1

kdlb1806_hoshizora_co_nI got convinced to do this about halfway through last month. I’ve finished the actual translation, and the editing is mostly done, though a couple of the images need finishing. A chapter and an intermission will be going up each day for the next 4 days, hope you all enjoy.


Shuu is a member of the literary club that can’t write. One day, he gets a mysterious message on his phone from a girl called Eina, and from that impulsive contact, they begin to exchange messages. They talk of things like their shared interest in novels and grow close. However, when they try and meet, they discover a shocking truth. Eina lives… not in the present, but five years in the past! How will their love develop, parted by five years of nights…!?


Project Page, Illustrations, Chapter 1, Intermission 1.

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Maou-ppoi no! — Volume 1 — Chapter 1

000aTranslated by Victorrama, with editing by Lass Isolet and Yuuki. We’ve got a project page, an illustration page (translations and typesets to come closer to the full volume release), and the first chapter, newly edited and shiny from the version on Baka-Tsuki.

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New Translator and Old Project

0008_01.jpgSo we finally have a second translator here, Victorrama has decided to resume his translations of Maou-ppoi no! and to post them here. The chapters that were originally posted on baka-tsuki have had an edit from Yuuki and Lass Isolet and the first volume and at least some of the second should be posted at a rate of roughly once a week, give or take a few days.

The actual release post will come in a few minutes.

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KimiSen — Volume 2 — Prologue

F105PV_ƒLƒ~‚Æ–l‚̍Ōã‚̐íê‚Q_ƒJ_S.inddSo, totally not out of an attempt at ‘revenge’ and because Hikoki himself said that he asked for Slave Elf because he wanted another fluffy series, I’ll be picking up Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjo, Aruiha Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen. Like him, I’m not bothering to TL the title, it sounds silly as a title in English regardless.

Illustrations (I’ll be trying to convince people to re-draw them, but if someone that can sees this and feels like helping out, please do), The prologue, and the project page, (EDIT: Oh, and volume 1’s page).

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Project Updates

Okay, can’t be bothered to go in-depth into reasoning etc because I have to read Black Magic Banana or a yellow blob thing will be most displeased, so here we go:

  • Slave Elf is (obviously) dropped, KimiSen (Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjo, Aruiha Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen) will be replacing it.
  • Low-Life (Seishun Buta Series) is still continuing.
  • Magia’s dropped, I’ll be picking up Strongest Mage again in its place I believe, but that might change.
  • Monster Tamer is definitely finishing the volume, probably the second too. (Volume 3 when, Najima?)
  • Trinity Seven will finish this volume, is unlikely to finish the next.
  • Wind and Lute will continue, though future volumes are dicey because no digital raws and I hate translating from the physicals.
  • World Break will be dropped after this volume.


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Slave Elf Wife — Volume 3 — Prologue + Licensing

cover.jpgHere’s the prologue of volume 3, edited by Squirtle-sensei. Along with (a repetition of) an announcement. Read more ›

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Slave Elf Wife Licensed!

archdemon1_cover_400I had a hunch this might happen, so I’ve been taking things fairly easy until AX actually happened, and thought that it would be during the event itself, but Sam jumped ahead and Slave Elf has been licensed as An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love your Slave Elf Bride

I’ll be adding a link to all pages already out, and I’ll actually release the prologue seeing as I’ve got it done. Everything apart from up to v1c2, and volume 3’s prologue will be removed tomorrow.

 I hope everyone has enjoyed my translations of the series, and that you’ll all buy and support the official release. I’ll be re-shuffling things and possibly dropping some things and picking up others, look forward to either good news if it’s to your liking, or cursing my name if not.
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  • KimiSen - v2 intermission (planned)
  • Low-Life (Seishun Buta) - v2c1 (planned)
  • Monster Tamer - v1c3 (planned)
  • Trinity Seven - v2c2 (planned)
  • Wind and Lute - v1c4 (planned)
  • World Break - v3c4 (planned)