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Chapter 2 of the LN soon as well.



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Low-Life (Seishun Buta) Volume 3 — Chapter 1

And now we start volume 3, the prologue is both here and on it’s own page as usual. The illustrations are here, and chapter 1 is here.

This actually changed a fair bit in the anime, and about 14,000 words was adapted in ~17 minutes.

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Low-Life (Seishun Buta) Volume 2 — Epilogue

coverc.jpgWew, the volume’s complete. Well, the edits aren’t done, but that comes later and isn’t so much my problem, I can just move on to volume 3.

Here’s the link to the epilogue.

I’ve put pages for the afterword and bonus as placeholders, once edits on the volume are completed, the ebook versions of the volume and the web version of the afterword and bonus will be put up, but not until then.


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Low-Life (Seishun Buta) Volume 2 — Chapter 5


Here’s chapter 5.

The epilogue will be up tomorrow. Again, no ebooks until all the editing is done, and anyone that asks for them from me before that will be treated with the contempt they deserve.

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AoButa Manga 08


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Low-Life (Seishun Buta) Volume 2 — Chapter 4

unknownTime for another chapter, as usual, let me know any issues you spot. I’ve been somewhat dumping everything on my editor, so he’s only actually managed to get through chapter 1, so don’t blame him for anything left over in these last few.

Speaking of editing, some of you may or may not know, but my policy on making epubs and such is that I make them once editors have gone over all chapters and everything but the epilogue has been up for a good while so people can point out what they notice as well. Because of this and because the editor for the series has been swamped in work, expect epubs, PDFs etc to take a few weeks after the volume is done. I’ll be posting them with the bonus I chose for this volume, so people that get here via NU and the like will still get an alert.

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Low-Life (Seishun Buta) Volume 2 — Chapter 3

hyou4.pngHere’s chapter 3, enjoy.


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