Chapter 3 — Seems to be the Wrong World!

Translation: Victorrama
Editing: Lass Isolet & Yuuki

After school–

Just as I walked out of the classroom, preparing to go home and admire the panty shot collection (striped panties edition) in my H-Game–

“Oi, Morrii”

My friend, Shimizu called out to me.

Just when I turned around–

I suddenly felt that something was not right, as if something strange had just entered my field of view.

Shimizu was definitely not the strange thing.

Then what was it?

“Man, that collection about peeping at younger sisters showering was really good!”

‘Eh? Ah, is that so?”

Suddenly it seemed as if Shimizu didn’t matter anymore.

More than that, I was more worried about the strange thing that I had noticed just now.

It might just be something about the classroom next door. Even though it looked the same as always, it somehow felt unnatural .

“It wasn’t just sex, but it also embodied the love that older brothers feel for their younger sisters all over the world… What’s wrong?”


I get it now! I know what’s weird about this place.

“What the heck are you doing?”

I pointed to the classroom next door’s door plate.

“That! Look at that!”

“Year 1 Class 7” should have been written on it.

And for some reason, it had changed to “Demon King’s Room”.

“That? What about it?”

“That, that Demon King’s Room!”

Was it a prank? Why did no one from the class next door notice it? That being said, what the heck is a ‘Demon King’s Room’?

I thought that Shimizu would also find this weird, but–

“Demon King’s Room? What’s that?”

“Isn’t it obvious? The class next door is now labelled as the Demon King’s Room, right?”

“What are you talking about? There’s no classroom next to ours, you know?”


His completely unexpected reply left me speechless.

There was no classroom next to ours? What was he talking about?

Even though I felt that Shimizu was playing a prank on me,the way he said it sure didn’t seem like he was lying to me.

“I’ll leave first, make sure you lend me the third volume of ‘My Naked Younger Sister’s Apron Collection’ next time! See you.”

‘Ah, w-wait up!”

I desperately called out to Shimizu, but he had already walked away.

Why did he say that there wasn’t a classroom next to ours? If what he said was really true, why was there a classroom that was labelled ‘Demon King’s Room’?


Why don’t I just peep inside?

If the people from Class 7 were there, it just meant that Shimizu was mistaken and that the plate was just someone’s prank.

This mystery will be easily solved with that, right?

I opened the door of the classroom next door while I was thinking this.



A girl.

There was a girl in there.

Mano, the girl I met yesterday, was in there.

And she was completely naked.



Why is she naked in the classroom?! Ah, she’s just half naked.

It looks like she was just changing.


Our eyes met.

She started trembling furiously.

Isn’t the situation somehow problematic?

What should I do?

How do I defend my innocence?!

“Erm…I will await you under the legendary tree! That is all!”

I threw this ambiguous line before quickly closing the door. Then, I sprinted as fast as I could.

Despite me knowing that I didn’t manage to fool anyone.

No, more than that–

I saw.

White soft flesh! What a slim waist! What a flat chest, as expected! Being able to experience things that only happen in H-Games is the best! Even you should get what I mean!

Yes, this is the life!

…Wait, where should I run to?

I ended up back in my classroom.

“Souta? I thought you already went home?”

Nao, who was still in the classroom asked me with a questioning look.

“…Ahh…I wonder if I can be happy forever…”


Nao became even more confused after hearing me say that. Let’s leave her aside for now and think rationally.

Despite me bolting without any hesitation, it would really feel bad if I don’t apologise to Mano. Hopefully she’s not angry.

I went to the classroom next door in spite of my nervousness.

Wouldn’t it be nice if she was still changing– Wait, that will be very troublesome for me. This time, I chose to knock before slowly opening the door.

“…Anyone in there?”

Mano was still in the classroom.


But it looked like she had already finished changing and was now wearing her usual black outfit. How disappointing.

Wait, this is no time to be disappointed!

Mano glared at me maliciously without saying a word.

Of course she would be mad at me. She also appeared to be blushing. I guess she was embarrassed too?

This is bad. I didn’t even have any malicious intent here.

“……About that…”

Mano seemed very unhappy.

“Y-Yes? What is it?”

“…You saw it, right?”

“Yup! I saw it, I saw it! This is the best day of my life!”

‘Stop it, you idiot! Don’t answer so honestly!”

I tried answering the question as if she was asking me ‘Did you watch the football match last light?’, but as expected, it didn’t work.

“I’m very sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t know you were changing.”

“……Mumumu…I guess it can’t be helped…It was I who forgot to lock the door in the first place after all.”

She looked like she had calmed down a little for now.

Perhaps she had realised her forgetfulness due to my sincere apology. In any case, it seemed that Mano was willing to forgive me.

While heaving a sigh of relief, I remembered the door plate that read ‘Demon King’s Room’,

“Come to think of it, were you the one who changed the door plate to ‘Demon King’s Room’.”

“Ah, that? Yup, I want to make this my room, after all.”

“You’re going to use this classroom as your room?”

“Yup, yup! Not a bad idea, right?”

Mano startled chuckling proudly after she said this.

I looked around while I was trying to figure out what she meant.

I  realised something. There are no tables or chairs in this classroom.

Instead, there were bookshelves, closets, tables and a sofa. There was even a bed. A luxurious chair now sat where the teacher’s stand was supposed to be, where Mano was now sitting.

I have no idea where she got all this stuff from, but can you call this the ‘Demon King’s Room’ just by carting all these furniture here?

What’s more, she did this without permission. The teachers would probably throw a fit if they found out about this.

“Er, your name was… Souta, right? I have something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“About that, I think you came here way too soon.”

“Too soon? What do you mean?”

“Usually heroes only come for the final battle after they’ve gotten stronger, right?”


I have no idea what she is talking about.

“Ah, right! I almost forgot?”

“Forgot? Forgot what?”

Mano slowly stood up from the chair and crossed her arms magnanimously.

“Muahahaha! O’ Hero Souta! How foolish of you to come challenge me, the Demon King Mano so soon!”

“Eh? You’re still pretending to be the Demon King?”

“You idiot! That’s not it! I’m not acting! This is the normal me! The natural me!”

“Eh? Aren’t you from the drama club?”

Mano tilted her head and stared at me with a shocked look after hearing me say that.

“Erm… Could it be that…? You still do not believe that I am the Demon King?”

“So you’re going to continue with the ‘I’m the real Demon King’ act?”

“Erm, yup! That’s it! You can tell by just looking, right? Right?”

Mano placed her hands on her hips as if she was trying to say “I’m the Demon King, what are you gonna do about it?”

“…What can I say, from my perspective, you’re just a cute girl that is acting like the Demon King.”

“C-cute?! T-That’s not it! T-That’s totally not it! Idiot!”

She started making ‘Uwawa’ noises while her face turned crimson. See, she was definitely cute.

“Come to think of it, you really don’t look like the Demon King.”

Just this line made Mano freeze.

Eh? What happened?

“Y-You dare to say that? A-Are you trying to tell a Demon King that she doesn’t look like one? You dare to say the thing that you should never say to a Demon King?”

“Ah, I can’t say that?”

Mano looked like she didn’t know whether to cry or be angry.

“Uwa – T-T-Then let’s have at it! I’ll show you! If that’s the case, I’ll show you! The power of the Demon King! You’re not allowed to say that I don’t look like the Demon King after this, OK?! You’re also not allowed to say that I’m flat-chested, OK? Hear that?”

What’s with the sudden rant?! And what’s with the extra bit at the end?!

“Wait, w-wait a minute, calm down! I never said that you were flat-chested!”

“That’s enough! I’ll show you!”

“Ehh!? You’re going to let me see your breasts?”

Sadly, that did not seem to be the case. Mano raised her arm without saying a word.

At that moment.

Something unbelievable happened.

A pitch black sphere.

A pitch black sphere appeared in Mano’s hand.

The slowly spinning fragment of darkness was gradually growing larger.

Wh-What is this?

“Muahahaha! Witness the power of the Demon King!”

With a flick of her wrist, the ball of darkness shot out at high speed.

And it hit the barbecue set in the classroom. The shockwave of the explosion resonated through the room and fragments were picked up by the wind.


What the heck was that? What happened? Why is there a barbecue set in the classroom?

Wait, that doesn’t matter, does it?

What was that ball of darkness just now?

“How’s that? This is the power of the Demon King! The one I used just now was a spell specifically designed to destroy barbecue sets! Amazing, right? Just so you know, getting hit by that will be quite painful for you too!”

I was left speechless. That truly looked like a spell.

Even though it really looked like it–

“………Erm…Why is there a spell with such a limited use…?”

Aren’t Demon Kings supposed to have spells that destroy everything? Then what’s with spells that could only destroy specific things?

“Eh? Was it very hard for you to understand? Then should I show you my Fireball?”

“You know how to do something like that…?”

“Though it’s a spell specially used to light up a barbecue set.”

“Like I said, what’s with the peculiarity of these spells?! And didn’t you just destroy the said barbecue set?”

“Ah, crap! I destroyed it!”

What’s with this girl? She said that she wanted to show me the true powers of a Demon King but she somehow used a spell that seemed to be more suited for outdoor camping. Truly, she doesn’t give off the aura of a Demon King at all.

But more than that, there is no such thing as a Demon King.

However, something completely unbelievable actually did happen right in front of my very own eyes.

“…Mano…Wh-What the heck are you?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m the Demon King! Who did you think I was all this time?”

“Wait, wait! But Demon Kings can’t exist!”

“Eh – You’re saying that even after witnessing magic firsthand?”

“Th-That really did look like magic!”

“So you have it. See, I’m a Demon King, right?”

“Eh? Ah, that’s not right, I can’t judge just based on that…”

“I really look like a Demon King, right?”

“Erm… Your clothes do give off a familiar aura…”

‘See, I’m a Demon King, right?”

“Erm… You really… are… the Demon King…?”

I have no idea what to think of anymore.

But one thing’s for sure, Mano was not a normal person.

“Ah, that’s great! You finally understand! Why don’t you go fight some monsters around here and come back here after you have gotten a little stronger? Good luck!”

Mano said that while waving her hand at me.

“…Monsters? What monsters?”

“They’re wandering around here, right? Things like dragons or golems.”

Is she referring to the monsters in RPGs?

“About that… There’s no such thing…”

“Eh? No such thing?”

Mano’s expression clearly said ‘What the heck is this guy saying.’ Actually, I wanted to say that as well.

“Erm… Like I said, there are no such things like monsters in this world.”

“No such thing? So you’re telling me… That this world does not have a single monster?”

“Erm, yeah. Not a single one… Was there a need to rephrase it?”

“Eh? No dragons or golems or Ii Naosukes?”

“Ii Naosuke is not a monster…”

“So there aren’t any Pirogues, Borschts or Beef Stroganoffs either?”

“Those are all Russian dishes…”

Questions marks appeared over both our heads.

“That’s strange… There should have been monsters causing chaos in this world…”

“Well, if it were a game or a story, I do know of such fantasy worlds…”

“No, not in stories! In reality, there are quite a few of these types of worlds. I was planning to become the ultimate ruler of one of those worlds, but…”

I heard Mano mumble “What is going on?”

Even if it were hard to believe, what she was saying is that parallel worlds do exist, right?

But to become the ultimate ruler, that means–

“A-Are you trying to take over the world?”

“Nah, I won’t take over the world. Only real Demon Kings do that.”

“Eh? So you aren’t a real Demon King?”

“I’m a Demon King-like. The ‘like’ is very important, you know?”

“A Demon King-like…”

Now that I think about it, Mano did introduce herself as Demon King-like when we first met.

“I want to do Demon King-like things in this world to pass down legends about the Hero and the Demon King.”


“Yeah, you hear them quite often, don’t you? Legends about the Hero taking down the Demon King who tries to take over the world.”

“Erm, yeah…”

“The Great Demon King from the Demon World loves these kinds of legends.”

“…That’s a strange Great Demon King.”

The Great Demon King does sound like the final boss. Why would he like stories of Demon Kings getting defeated though?

“These types of legends always send the message that ‘The Demon King is a fearsome being’, right? It’s cool that way.”

“That’s not wrong I guess…”

“But I want to leave legends that say ‘The Demon King is actually a nice guy’. Things like ‘The Demon King’s also cute and charming’ would be good too.”

“I don’t think those type of legend are very common…”

With a “So that’s really how it is”, Mano had a look filled with regret.

I still think that the way she thinks is way off from a Demon King.

“But, there aren’t that many of these legends nowadays. We have a severe shortage of Demon Kings, you know?”

“Since they all get defeated in the end, their numbers will only decrease I guess…”

“That’s why the Great Demon King proposed a solution to this worrying trend. Just send Demon King-likes to these type of worlds, do things Demon Kings would do, and act out a legend!”

“…Act? So, it’s all a farce?”

“Yup! They don’t need to really take over the world, just pretend that they are doing so. Since we also need a Hero in this plan, the Demon King-like will choose someone from the world to pretend to be a hero.”

“That’s true. If there isn’t a hero, then nothing can be achieved.”

“Right? My duty is to do things a Demon King would do to the hero. Things like preparing a magic castle, summoning monsters and the like.”

A magic castle? Wait a minute, if this classroom is Demon King’s room–

“…Don’t tell me that you made this school your magic castle…”

“Yup, yes I did. This is now my magic castle.”

What kind of Demon King makes a school as their magic castle? What’s more, who puts name plates on magic castles? Aren’t you blending into the school environment way too much?

“W-Wait a minute! Won’t doing all of this affect the students here?”

“That’s fine. I set up a force field to make everyone here obey my orders.”

“Everyone is under the control of the Demon King?!”

This Demon King just said a horrifying thing without batting an eye!

“I also set a command such that nobody can notice the presence of the Demon King’s room.”

Mano smiled, relieved.

This must be the reason why Shimizu didn’t notice this room.

“…Eh? Then why do I know that this classroom is the Demon King’s room?”

“That’s because my orders don’t work on the Hero.”

“Oh… What does that mean?”

“Well, you are the Hero.”

Ah, I get it now. Since I am the Hero, the commands don’t work on me?

“Why the heck am I the Hero?!”

“E-E-E-Eh?! I told you yesterday, didn’t I?”

Mano was surprised by what I just said. Wait, shouldn’t I be the one surprised here?

“That’s not it! Why did you make me the Hero?!”

“Ah, you came by at the right time yesterday. The Demon King and the Hero had a serious confrontation already, right?”

“Serious confrontation…? Ah, that horrible acting?”

“It was not horrible, okay?! Even though you thought that you were the Hero, and actually wanted to be one right? Making the Hero believe that he is one is also one of my duties, you know?”

Truth be told, the only thing that conversation made me feel was that it dragged on for too long.

“What exactly does a Hero need to do?”

“Erm… Things like going around completing quests, helping people, exploring dungeons, hunting for equipment, and taking out monsters? This way, the Hero gets stronger and eventually takes down me, the Demon King.”

“Eh… Take down?!”

So she wants me to kill her in the end?

“Ah, ‘take down’ just means that I’ll pretend to get done in after it looks like I’m going to lose. That is the last duty of the Demon King.”

“And that’s it?”

This feels like a huge farce to me.

“Afterwards, the Hero is responsible for spreading messages like ‘That was an extremely difficult battle against the Demon King!’ After establishing the legend of the Hero and Demon King, I just have to file a report to the Great Demon King to complete my mission!”

After her explanation, Mano dismissed me with “So that’s how it is, please cooperate with me~”

So she really wants me to do things like in the RPGs as the Hero? For some reason this just feels like a complete joke.

“…If that’s the case, the Hero won’t take this seriously if he’s being used by the Demon King right? I don’t think the Hero will still be willing to go through all this.”

“Ah, that won’t happen. Of course, all this will be kept a secret from the Hero.”


“Yup. In other words, we must make the Hero feel like they have no choice but to take down the hated Demon King. How else will we get a true legend?”

So that’s how it works. The clueless Hero fights the Demon King without knowing he’s being used?



“What is it?”

“You just told me, the Hero, the secret to all of this.”

Mano suddenly froze.

“Uwawawawa! Crap, I really said it!”

She seemed extremely panicked. Did she actually not realise?

“Not only that, you told me quite a lot.”

“Y-Y-You idiotic Hero! Everything I said just now was all a lie! You were completely tricked! Mugegege… Wait, muahahaha!”

Mano hurriedly tried to play the Demon King again.

Seeing her trying to cover up her mistakes looked pitiful even to me.

“…I don’t think you can do anything about it at this stage. Telling these type of lies won’t do you any good.”

“Uwawawawa! It’s over! Everything’s over!”

Mano knelt on the floor with her head down like a deflated balloon.

Even  I didn’t quite get it, but it seems like everything was over.

Being called a Hero is indeed quite troublesome for me, might as well tackle the whole situation right here and now. Of course, I also hoped that Mano quickly returned the world back to its original state.

“Why don’t you just cancel the mission? There aren’t any monsters here anyway.”

“………That’s impossible.”


Mano stood up shakily.

“I already made you the Hero, there’s no way I can tell the Demon World that I want to cancel the mission now.”

“I-Is that so…?”

“What’s more, in the Demon World, people keep telling me ‘Mano will definitely screw things up and come back in no time’!”

“…People sure don’t have a lot of confidence in you.”

Looks like the Demon World also saw Mano as a klutz.

“A-And everything I researched about this world has gone to waste! I even found out that the Saitama prefecture doesn’t have any oceans!”

“If you could even find out about that, why didn’t you find out if there were any monsters here! Monsters only exist in games or anime!”

“I-It may still be possible that there are some somewhere! Whatever the case, why don’t you just go do something Hero-like now!”

Even if she continues to be this stubborn–

“About that… That’s impossible.”

“Eh?! W-Why?”

“How can I do Hero-like things in a world without any monsters? What’s more, nobody will believe you even if you try to spread such a legend here. Most importantly, the Demon’s King castle is a classroom, this is a school, the atmosphere is not right no matter how you think about it.”

“W-What?! H-How can this be… What should I do…? But you did do something Hero-like just now, didn’t you?”

Eh? Did I?

I thought she just said something that cannot be ignored.

“…What did you mean when you said that I did something Hero-like just now?”

“Eh? Ah, take a look at your right hand.”

Despite my confusion, I glanced at my right hand.

“Wh-What is this?!”

I saw some mark on my hand.

What the heck is this?! When did it appear?!

“So that mark is the proof that you have become the hero. With that still there, you will sometimes get affected by the Hero’s Will.”

“H-Hero’s Will? What’s that?”

I somehow remember her saying something like that before.

“Think about it, won’t it be strange for someone who is not like a hero to become the Hero? That’s why the Hero’s Will will force the Hero to do Hero-like things randomly.”

“What’s with that?! Isn’t that meddling with my life! Don’t do this to me!”

“Eh? But if that mark stays there, the Hero’s Will will continue to affect you…”

“Then get rid of it! Now!”

“But the rules state that it will only disappear after you get stronger and defeat me.”

“Then overlook the rules just this once and help me out here!”

“That’s a little… The rules are the rules.”

Crap. Should I say that this klutz Demon King is too loyal to the rules, or should I say that she has no intention whatsoever of helping me.

But first, I must find a way to get rid of this mark.

No, wait a minute.

Despite her saying that I am already affected by the Hero’s Will, I don’t notice anything different…


Something did happen! Something unexplainable did happen!

I investigated someone else’s shoe boxes without any reason whatsoever.

And I also looked through Nao’s bag.

Don’t tell me this is because of–

“Eh, Souta? Is anything wrong?”

I ignored Mano for the time being and walked towards the cupboard in the corner of the Demon King’s room.

A strong sensation suddenly permeated my every pore.

“Th-This is…?!”

I need to check! Even though I have no idea why, but I need to see what’s inside the cupboard! It must be that!

That thing that allows me to invade another’s privacy without a second thought!

This is the Hero’s Will!

Even if it wasn’t actually that hard to control but I can’t take it anymore!

I extended my arm towards one of the drawers of the cupboard and quickly opened it.

“Wow, there are panties in here! So many of them!”

White, pink and brown! There’re even black ones! She is a true Demon King after all!

Achievement unlocked! Souta has received sexy panties!

“Whatttttt! Wait a minute, wait a minute! Why are you opening my cupboard?!”

With her face flushed red, Mano growled while summoning the black sphere to her hand once again.

“Ah! That’s not it! It was the Hero’s Will!”

I quickly closed the cupboard and stood as far away from Mano as possible.

“……Mumumu……Is that true?”

“R-Really, really!”

Despite her still looking at me suspiciously, she stopped her spell with a “This guy–”

Phew, that was close. I almost got blasted to bits just for looking at panties.

“…Whatever. Now you know that there is no way to go against the Hero’s Will, right?”

“I really do get it now… But it seems like I’m back to normal now…”

The yearning to check the contents of the cupboard had completely disappeared.

“That’s because when the Hero’s Will is satisfied to a certain extent, you will go back to normal.”

“Is that so…”

So it just means that I will be satisfied after investigating something.

Why can’t it be changed to getting satisfied after looking at panties?

“So you also get that you have to become the Hero in the end, right? Work hard to get stronger, OK?”

“No way! I won’t do that, I will never become the Hero.”

“Wait what? But the one designated as the Hero must do Hero-like things…”

“Even if you say I need to, it doesn’t mean I will just agree to it!”

Mano looked extremely troubled by this. But who cares? She has been talking about this by herself all this time. It’s not like I ever said that I wanted to be the Hero.

“Even if you say that, the Hero’s Will will eventually force you to do Hero-like things, you know?”

“What Hero’s Will? What I have is the H-Game’s Will!”

“What the heck is that!? It sounds extremely fishy!”

She seemed to be troubled by what I just said, but I had no intention of caring about it anymore.

I don’t even want any Hero-like things to happen to me.

What I want is H-Game like things.

“Anyway it’s strange to designate someone whom you just met as the Hero! You can tell that just by thinking for a while!”

“That’s because… I thought that the timing was right…”

“What’s more, isn’t it also your fault for not investigating this world properly? There’s no way to act as the Hero in this world! You klutz Demon King!”

‘Ehhhhh?! K-Klutz Demon King?! H-How rude…!”

“And you even were talking this and that about the rules, but didn’t you just end up telling me everything! You klutz!”

“Wait, so now I’m just a klutz?! A-At least add the ‘Demon King’ back! Uwawawawawa! You idiot, Souta!”

Mano ran out of the Demon King’s room, crying.

Phew. Even if that was a little harsh, I guess that will do the trick.

I must make sure Mano doesn’t force me to act as the Hero again.

I nodded to myself in the now empty Demon King’s room.

Now, what do I do about this mark?


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