How Fast Is Evolution?

The evening sun was sinking past Enoshima, which floated in Sagami Bay, and Sakuta looked out at the scorched red sky and sea from the windows of the Enoden train. Next to him was a senpai, holding onto the hanging straps like him… Sakurajima Mai, a beautiful woman that couldn’t help but draw eyes in the street and a popular actress that had started as a child.

Sakuta, who was nothing more than a high school student was unexpectedly acquainted with her, and had grown closer from that opportunity.

Her profile, lit by the evening sun, would make a picture and drew attention far more than the retro-feeling Enoden train and the somewhat nostalgic train windows.

“What, are you being charmed?”

Mai smiled mischievously and the triumphant curve to her lips was exceedingly fascinating.

Just before Sakuta replied, a voice came from the seat in front of them.

“Ah, it evolved.”

Its occupant was an elementary school student and his two friends that were flanking him peered at the console in his hands.

“Seriously, so coooool.”

“No fair, I’ll do it too.”

They were rather enjoying themselves.

“Did you play back when you were a child?”

Mai’s eyes were on the console.

“I played them.”

“Hmmm, I can’t quite imagine it.”

Mai examined him carefully.

“I think it’s pretty much a right of passage for boys.”

Incidentally, Sakuta was part of the group that didn’t let them evolve right away and taught moves first.

“It’s you in elementary school that I can’t imagine.”

“I was pretty cute.”

“Don’t say it yourself. I was definitely cuter.”

She was a child actress known nationwide, so that was obvious, but there was no fun in backing down right away.

“Then want to come see my graduation album?”

“And what are you intending to do when you get me in your room.”

“If things go well, ask if you want to do perverted things.”

“I definitely won’t come.” She wholeheartedly rejected him. “Well, I am interested in how far you’ve deteriorated, so I’ll come along.”

Mai looked at him somewhat shyly, with upturned eyes.

“And you’ve grown deliciously, Mai-san.”

Those words were a death sentence, and Mai did not go to Sakuta’s room that day.

2 comments on “How Fast Is Evolution?
  1. thaiphamminh says:

    Poor sakuta! Looking forward to see what happens next in volume 2


  2. Simon Villasmil says:

    Thanks a lot. Are you continuing the tranalation?


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