Final Episode: The End of a Year’s Battle


That scarlet planet, devoid of life giving water… A year prior, measuring by Earth time, was transformed into a ‘world of silver’.

However, that didn’t mean it was plains of snow, devoid of impurity.

It was literally an inorganic silver colour. The epitome of inorganic sealed the surface’s scarlet – steel.

That was the true nature of the silver enshrouding the planet.

The evil organisation, ‘Enigma Engineers’ proclaimed that the mechanisation of the entire universe itself was the pinnacle of existence, the greatest joy.

Because of them, the silver planet had undergone Armoured Forming and the closest planet to Earth was a mere shadow of its former self. Using Mars as a staging point, they bared their mechanising fangs at Earth, and a single girl fought them.

In the face of this power beyond human reckoning, one girl stood fast and protected the beautiful greens of old, protected the Earth, which should have been helplessly stained in metal.

With the protection of the stars, wielding the light of her heart with magic-

The mysterious existence was called a Starmagical Girl.

A year ago, the future of mankind were placed upon the small shoulders of the high school student, Hoshigami Hina, along with a great destiny, the title bestowed upon the supreme Starmagical Girl: Reflair. It meant “One who purifies evil”.

Receiving the protection of the Sun, and wearing clothing made of ‘stars’, called ‘Style’, she took on the name of Layer Sol, the Reflair of the Sun and fought.

For a year.

It was a long, irreplaceable time to a sixteen year old girl.

An act of her sparkling youth had been offered up to a battle of solitude.

It was finally ending.

Earth’s fate now hung on the silver Mars, the scene of the final battle.


A girl wove through the sky with an unconcerned expression as it was filled with beams of light that vaporised metal at the slightest contact.

If the enemy were to invade the Earth with life refuting armour, then humans would use their heartlessness as a weapon and attack.

Standing before her was a metal titan, about seventy metres tall by eye.

The Supreme Ruler of the Enigma Engineers, Great Enigma King, Metallium.

It had nothing to threaten invaders, no spikes or horns, fangs or claws… it had a simple form, as if an artist’s mannequin were covered in metal and made ginormous. On the contrary, the sense of supremacy of a king that had drawn the conclusion mere threats were unnecessary seemed to well forth.

However, the steel king lost some of its composure as it was played with by a girl who was like a screw to him.

[Damn you, you pitiful human!!]

“That’s a small fry’s set phrase…!!”

The girl ever so coolly cut through the deeply resentful voice that shook the atmosphere.

The metal on the Martian surface changed shape freely like liquid metal, forming into hundreds of muzzles that hurled concentrated laser fire at Layer Sol.

The planet itself had been changed into a single fortification and now speared forth towards her with arrows of light. She easily batted away these beams of light, which were bigger and faster than a bullet train with a backhand.

The lasers deviated from their trajectory and impacted the planet. The guns that had grown, along with the metal ground was folded over, restoring it to its original scarlet.

Next was a kick. Then a chop.

The guns destroyed themselves as they were deflected as much as they fired, lowering the armaments of the Martian Fortress.

Losing its temper, Metallium’s own metal changed like liquid metal as the planet’s surface had. From the ends of its stuck out arms, countless tentacles shot towards Layer Sol.

The main body’s appearance didn’t change, but as they grew and grew, the tentacles kept the mass of heavy metals.

They were looming spears, several metres in diameter, and several hundred in length.

Through anti-chemical expansion that ignored the conservation of mass, the heavy thrust of death roared forth.

However, dodging was only now becoming difficult for Layer Sol as she rushed from the front.

Catching the ones that caught her eye, she tore them apart with all her strength.


“Layer Sol! The enemy will just keep attacking! Now’s the time to use the Starmagical Girl’s strongest weapon, the Prism Bazooka!!”

An adorable voice echoed around her.

The words only she could hear were support from a distant Earth.

A comrade who gave Hina the power of the Starmagical Girl and supported her through the year. Her sole supporter through this solitary battle.

The partner she called ‘Uma-chan’.

Layer Sol… was strong.

Starmagical Girls held immense power and were guardians of the stars, but she was at their summit, and had surpassed the norm, she was the strongest Starmagical Girl in history.

Whatever enemy appeared in the face of her empty handed, tremendous destructive power, the Enigma Engineers’ soldiers helplessly tasted defeat.

Uma-chan worried for her safety, repeatedly lent her weapons to defend herself and frequently urged their use, and this hadn’t changed throughout the year.

“…It’s okay, Uma-chan. I definitely won’t lose… trust me!”

“Yeah, I don’t think you’ll lose! But just in case, wouldn’t it be safer to use a weapon!? The Prism Bazooka is amazing too, five colours and five types of magical item combine and give it super power!!”

Having someone worry for her like this encouraged Layer Sol.

However, she had a dislike of fighting with weapons.

So, considering she had fought victoriously, empty handed until today, suddenly using an unfamiliar weapon in this decisive battle made her uneasy.

So, to show that Uma-chan’s worry was needless, she accelerated even further and rained punches down into Metallium’s metal body.


Metallium roared in anger and pain.

The machine king that denied emotion was shaken, the girl who fought with the power of heart didn’t show an ounce of emotion as she danced beautifully – Faith rested on this final battle, both of them could already see a large difference in the settlement.

“Do you not like the bazooka? Fufufu, then I recommend the re-arrangeable combination, Prism Shower Mode! It’s a cute thing fires several beams like watering flowers as-”

“I’m okay unarmed! …Watch me!!”

Speaking back to Uma-chan, watching her from Earth, Layer Sol smiled fearlessly.

Breaking the mechanised ground with its own steps, Metallium charged.

Layer Sol flew forwards with a sonic boom and rolled back the metal ground like tin foil, meeting the charge head on.

“When you’re superior is exactly when you should be calm! Who knows what a cornered enemy will do, you should keep your distance and use long range-huh!? Oh yeah, did you know the Prism Bazooka has long range capabilities!? That bazooka is amazing too, five colours and five types of magi-”

“You told me earlier…”

“Alright, let’s use it, let’s use all the weapons you’ve not used until now! It’s the last battle after all!!”

Even in this position of superiority, her support’s worry didn’t change.

In which case, she’d put Uma-chan’s mind at ease with a bold move.

Layer Sol span in the air and suddenly shot up to several kilometres above Metallium’s head.

If they suddenly shot up… all life would just fall down.

Used from this position, her strongest, final special move was…



…A kick.


Her yell held the same amount of energy as tossing soap into the bath.

Contrary to appearances, a huge impact broke out.

With enough force to blow the entirety of Mars’ thin atmosphere into space, the surroundings exploded.

With enough acceleration to break through the planet as a whole, Layer Sol’s kick split Great Enigma King Metallium from crown to crotch.

[Guaaahh… I-I see… As a machine, burning out and over-speccing, I reach my own heart and body… that is humanity’s strength… their endless potential!!]

With a cool proclamation that would make you think it had been prepared in case it lost, Metallium sparked violently.

Immediately afterwards, it exploded and scattered everywhere like mercury… before finally, that too became particles and vanished.


“The stooooooooccckk!!”


Surpassing the great king’s death throes, Uma-chan’s scream was audible over the transmission.

Still covered in a protective membrane of light because of the thing atmosphere and weak gravity, Hina took a deep breath on the surface, amongst the densely dancing dust.

“It’s over… Uma-chan.”

“Yes, it’s over… it’s all… over…”

A grim moan leaked across the transmission, as if it were the embodiment of demise itself.


At the same time as the Great Enigma King Metallium was destroyed, the huge Enigma Engineers base constructed on the surface also self-destructed.

However, even as she watched the painful to look at silver vanish and the scarlet return, Hina felt like it was someone else’s business.

Layer Sol began the preparations to return to Earth.

While charging the Starmagic power to warp, she sent a message to Uma-chan.

“…Uma-chan, I’m coming back now.”

“I want to go back to nothingness…”

There was no aspiration in the voice, but Uma-chan was probably relieved too.


The closing ceremony. As the high school student Hoshigami Hina had gone to meet that end, as the Starmagical Girl that protected the earth, Hina had finished that duty.

The invaders that had appeared to Earth had been altogether consigned to oblivion with nearly a single attack.

She’d done it like the routine work of club activities, transformed and protected the Earth.

There was no drama, and no troubles.

If I saw my battle from outside… I’m sure it’d be boring…

Now, at the instant she had protected the Earth, how should she think back on that peaceful year?

As the charge finished, Layer Sol stayed standing on the Martian surface for a while and looked up at the sky.

Even if the land was dyed silver… even if the scarlet returned.

The black of space alone was an omnipresent colour that none could invade.

“…Purification complete… isn’t it?”


The dignity of a Reflair… she always forgot to say it, but she should say it for the last time at least.


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