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“Chastel Lillqvist, your authority as a captain of the holy knights is hereby indefinitely suspended.”

The head of the Church’s Kianoides branch, and Chastel’s direct superior, Cardinal Clavell had reported that to her three days prior. There was actually an order for house arrest, but she wasn’t restrained.

With no place to belong in the Church, Chastel was now wandering aimlessly through a street in Kianoides. It was the place she had once again met a certain grief-stricken girl.

“…I’m a fool too.”

She mumbled to herself.

Chastel had no sword on her back, and was not wearing the baptised armour that showed she was a holy knight. Her three subordinates had said they would escort her, but she had rejected that as well. She wasn’t even a knight anymore, just a normal human.

Half a month ago, a new Demon Lord was born. His name was Zagan. Mage Killer Zagan.

A Demon Lord wasn’t the King of Demons; it was a title of one that had carried magic to its extremes. They were sworn enemies of the Church, that the Church would exhaust all their power to kill.

But Chastel had refused the subjugation order for that Demon Lord, and in fact, had protested that they shouldn’t attack Zagan.

And as a result, was in this situation.

Even if I do this, Zagan won’t care.

He wouldn’t hold his hand out to an enemy, and she doubted whether he even understood gratitude.

But still, I wanted to do something for him.

Chastel herself wasn’t sure if it was because he’d saved her twice or if it was some other reason.

She would be erased too before long. The Church wouldn’t allow a holy sword wielder to defect, they would come down on that even harder than they did to subjugate Demon Lords. The Church’s equipment was just to kill Demon Lords.

Of course, she was scared, she’s always had a timid personality. And yet, strangely, she didn’t feel any regret. She had followed her own beliefs, and wanted to think of that proudly. However, even if it was just a little, she would have liked Zagan to think of her.

The only one in his heart was that white-haired elf girl, Chastel couldn’t force herself in, but she wanted to see them live peacefully, and someday happily raise a family. And for them to, just sometimes, remember her fondly. With those self-serving wishes growing stronger, she could see them in front of her.

The youth with his usual unpleasant countenance, and the pure white elf girl. And then, an adorable girl, connecting the two of them. She had a bad expression like Zagan’s, but was an adorable young girl.

“Fufu, I’m sure Zagan would be an indulgent father.”

Chastel knew that he had a fundamentally kind personality.

“Do you like those clothes?”

“Yeah, thanks, Zagan.”

Truly, they were a clumsy father’s words. It was probably a hallucination. When she heard their voices though, Chastel came to her senses.


Not thinking that he would turn up right now, Chastel cried out in disarray. He too, looked back at her.

It was no illusion.

And yet, there was a roughly ten-year-old girl between them.

“Y-you… you’ve already had a child…?”

The youth’s face flooded with red at her confusion.

“D-d-d-d-d-don’t say such shameless things! Nephie and I haven’t…”

Then, he exchanged a glance with the elf next to him and hurriedly looked away. With the atmosphere between the two of them being pushed in her face, even Chastel wanted to punch him.

They both shook, and the girl pointed at Chastel.

“Zagan, who’s that?”

Her voice seemed unused to speaking, but there were trust and affection within it. The youth nodded at the girl and turned to Chastel. Within his eyes was maybe nostalgia, or perhaps the awkwardness of being in a complicated position. Chastel couldn’t help but gulp.

And then, the youth spoke:

“That’s right, who are you?”

Something snapped inside her.

Does he not remember me at all…!?

Wasn’t this just too much? Of course, she couldn’t hold in her tears.

Let us return, to just a few days ago…


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  1. nansty says:

    Thanks for this new chapter !!

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  2. sweed says:

    Chastel, please remember to do your math first!
    Zagan is 17 years old and the little girl is 10 years old. He couldn’t have made a child when he was a 7 years old child himself, so he must’ve abducted her!

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  3. Kryto says:

    It’s here! The start of Volume 2, my thanks! Poor Chastle, still being bullied. Somehow I found it hilariously fitting that Zagan DOESN’T REMEMBER her ouch! Now we’re going straight into the adopted daughter scenario? I can’t wait to cheer them on haha.


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  5. Erl LoliC. says:

    Probably because of the armor..
    Though Zagan, go make one already
    Thanks for the chapter


  6. DarkWolf907 says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  7. akira666 says:

    I can’t think about another possibility except that child is another slave.
    When I read this, I remembered how kaori react to myuu in arifureta lol.
    Thanks for the update.
    Time to go back to my slumber.


  8. Alfard says:

    Thanks for the work, you continue translate this novel?


  9. R Nitramier says:

    Just read this & loved it so~

    Thanks once again for working on this!


  10. Slop Doggy says:

    This novel is GOLD! Great translation. Can’t wait for more. This is definitely one of my new favorites. Thanks so much for translating. 😀


  11. Green Spell says:

    I saw it coming, with her belief and stuff I knew she was going to get suspended or something similar by the church, but now I see that there’s a running gag with her, poor girl…

    Thanks for the translation~


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