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23 comments on “Epilogue
  1. thanatos737 says:

    *diabetes ensues*

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  2. Butuh MILF says:


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  3. zarvii says:

    Thanks for the chapter

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  4. Artimael says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Just what is Raphael trying to hide from Fol? As if Zagan has the guts to go any further from a hug.

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  5. NovelReader says:

    Oh my… oh my…. my face is blushing…. zaphie…. you guys make us eat too much sweets. I’m gonna get diebetes.

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  6. Hotaru.Kuro says:

    oh man seems like i need to go for some health check up eh.. this chapter was full of sweet things damn.

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  7. Ske-kun says:

    I just survived from this super sweet chapter

    thanks for the chappie

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  8. barbaricbob says:

    liquid sugar is pouring through my veins!


  9. haiph22 says:

    Thanks 😍


  10. Thanks! Nepu!!!
    . ∧_∧. ∩
    (*・ω・)/ Total
    (つ  ノ Annihilation
    しーJ Noda!


  11. Thanks! Nepu!!!
    . ∧_∧. ∩
    (*・ω・)/ Total
    (つ  ノ Annihilation
    しーJ Noda!


  12. Sherrynity says:

    It’s funny how the first girl can’t even join his household meanwhile random chara that appeared at the beginning of this volume already joined now


  13. Zozo says:

    So, Raphael will be the grandfather(ish) of the family. Diabetes at its best!


  14. viceus says:

    thx for the chapter…. best one !!! ^_^


  15. Riceur says:

    Dude, this will be my 20th time i got diabetes


  16. Anon says:

    This stuff really is pure sugar.


  17. Thanks for the chapter. And congrats on finishing the second volume.


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