Chapter 4 — Defeating Demons Anyway Really is Like a Holy Knight

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Chapter removed due to licensing.


14 comments on “Chapter 4 — Defeating Demons Anyway Really is Like a Holy Knight
  1. Ruwi says:

    thnx alot for this new chp o/


  2. seinky says:

    Thanks for the translation!
    As expected the scary grampa was nice….well, kinda…lol


  3. Thanks! Nepu!!!
    . ∧_∧. ∩
    (*・ω・)/ Total
    (つ  ノ Annihilation
    しーJ Noda!


  4. Kazamakj says:

    Awesome indeed. Yes mages will attack for sure lol what with his face and his aggression.


  5. *Stares at Zagan*
    … Pot… meet the Kettle.


    • ModoTheGreat says:

      I mean, Zagan does look pretty intimidating himself, but surely he’s not as ignorant about it as the guy who unintentionally threatened 500 mages into attacking him?


  6. Ske-kun says:

    And that’s the weird feeling I’m having against that grandpa.
    He always imply that mages are evil yet he never got mad at tail head for siding with a demon lord.

    Thanks for the chappie


  7. Thanks for the chapter.


  8. viceus says:

    thx for the chapter…. best one !!! ^_^


  9. SS Ship Wrecker says:

    Thanks for the chapter, maybe I have been playing to much overwatch lately but I keep picturing Raphael to look and sound like Reinhardt.


  10. sweed says:

    Nephie x Chastel so lovely ♥


  11. RvH says:

    Found a few errors:

    However, Nephie shook her had.
    > However, Nephie shook her head.

    At that, Chastel groaned from behind her.
    > At that, Chastel groaned from behind him.


  12. caelumsidhe says:

    I really hope this does not become a harem…..Chastel’s fine but please don’t get in the way of Nephie chan


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