Chapter 3 — I Don’t Want to Get Involved with a Holy Knight’s Circumstances

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Chapter removed due to licensing.



18 comments on “Chapter 3 — I Don’t Want to Get Involved with a Holy Knight’s Circumstances
  1. 5d100 says:

    Well, looks like Raphael is responsible for killing Fol’s dad, and so dad mode is going to activate.

    Thanks for the chapter


  2. sense-san says:

    I actually though fol is the one kidnapped. Then I remembered the dragon slaying bit.


  3. γ⌒ヽ T
    \γ⌒ヽ  H
     \γ⌒ヽ  A
      \γ⌒ヽ  N
       \γ⌒ヽ  K
        \γ⌒ヽ  S
          \⊂(。Д。) ….Nepu!
           \ ∨∨


  4. jralvarez1 says:

    Thank you for the chapter 😀


  5. thanatos737 says:

    Zagan’s oveprotective boyfriend mode is already awesome. I wonder how awesome his overprotective father mode is.


  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    “He looked at the seat he had raised back him using magic.” Add the word [behind] before the word [him].

    [When that was combined with her teary expression, Zagan couldn’t help but laugh.”] You should get rid of the random quotation marks on this sentence.


    • I have no idea what happened with that first one, it was supposed to be “He looked at the seat he had raised back up using magic.”
      Guess I’ll have to blame it on lack of sleep.


  7. nansty says:

    Thanks for the chapter !!!


  8. seinky says:

    And she was never seem again. The End.
    :p I just had to say this XD

    Thanks for the translation!


  9. Random guy from Poland says:

    Shouldnt it be „Scarry face” instead „Scarred face” in several places at his „friendly” chat with Zagan?
    I dont know the raws but it should make more sense ‚cause he is a type of badass which everyone is afraid of and his face spread fear and pure terror among all. Because now it sound Like he is scared of everyone.
    And thank for your work (^-^)


    • No, he literally has a face that has scars, and so is scarred, not scared. (Yes, English is annoying with that kind of crap)


      • Random guy from Poland says:

        Yeah…i noticed it now … There is a difference between “r” and “rr” as I look now … Something did not let me rest agenci I read it again and again only to finaly use the help of google translator … Well… You are always learning new stuff just like “terryfic” is exactly the same as „terrible”
        Sorry for troubling you guys with my poor english skills and again thanks for the chapter.


  10. Random guy from Poland says:

    Sometimes i just ważny to throw my phone through window…
    Doić you also have problems with autocorection?
    *Is NOT exactly…
    *agenci=when (Just how the heck my phone connected this two words together?!? Polish is quite tricky sometimes but…Just how?!?)


  11. Random guy from Poland says:

    My phone hates me… Im going to sleep… Also I do promise that this is my last comment today (or tonight?) no matter What happens… Bye and have a good luck on the exams ;D


  12. sweed says:

    The evil Barbarus blocked their kiss again! Curse youuuuuuu-!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. kuroharuto says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!!


  14. viceus says:

    1 word … Amazing !!!!!!


  15. Green Spell says:

    Lmao, the sight of Zagan teaching Fol the right way of revenge was too anti-climatic but funny at the same time. So Raphael was the one that killed Fol’s father, he’s a little different than I thought but not that bad; though the heartwarming moments between Fol and Zagan ended, seems like something happened that made Fol go to some place or maybe was kidnapped, who knows…

    No matter how many times I see it even knowing the purpose of it, I still find it disheartening to see Chastel being treated so badly by the main cast, but still is to be expected knowing her status and stuff, either way I think she did what she had to do so I’m glad about that.

    I knew what was going to happen about the kiss but still it’s a good step that Zaga took, sure he will be more bold in the future but will always be interrupted by someone or himself.

    Thanks for the translation~


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