Chapter 2 — Picking up and Holding a Dragon Will Make Her Your Daughter

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Chapter removed due to licensing.



21 comments on “Chapter 2 — Picking up and Holding a Dragon Will Make Her Your Daughter
  1. 5d100 says:

    This idiot couple…

    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. thanatos737 says:

    … Seeing Zagan, Nephie, and Fol acting as a family is just so heartwarming…

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  3. 。  
        ┏┓    ┏┓
         ┃ ■    ■ ┃
       ┏┛  ┃■┃ ┃ Thanks!!!
       ┃    ┣┫  ┗━━┓ Nepu!!!
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  4. nansty says:

    Thanks for the chapter !!


  5. Saerventh46 says:

    thanks for the chapter


  6. derpurrer says:

    Thanks for the chapter!


  7. SkyReaver says:

    Thx for the chapter~


  8. Procrastinatron says:

    Thanks for the chapter, I’m usually not that guy but this chapter put a couple holes in my wall.


    • FaolenBookWolf says:

      Ah, the feeling of such sweetness written out that one has to punch the wall to get their manliness back. Of course, as a certain Beast-Soul Takeover mage would put it, “Sweet stories are MANLY!!!”


  9. I love this series.


  10. Syahmuda says:

    Thx for the translation. Finally catchup the latest chapter. Yori Shasha was here.


  11. NEET Readers says:

    I will kill the author if he ever think of killing my dearest Fol!!!


  12. Demyu Teitoku says:

    Omg. Thanks for the update. This Baka-couple is giving me diabetes. Love lots ❤


  13. Thanks for the chapter.

    “The holy sword that symbolised her was not at her side. Without an owner, it was enshrined in the church’s treasure power of the Demon Lord, Zagan would not yield his way of life.” Get rid of [The holy sword that symbolised her was not at her side. Without an owner, it was enshrined in the church’s treasure power of the Demon Lord, Zagan would not yield his way of life.] since it looks like a slight rewording of a sentence from the previous paragraph and doesn’t fit where it is based on context.

    “She had been granted the power of a holy sword, and held pride in protecting the populace from mages’ outrageous persecution.” Not entirely sure but I feel like you should add the word [the] before [mages’].

    “Though that said, he didn’t check they were alive.” Add the word [if] before the word [they].

    “So was a girl that was too serious in the strangest of ways.” Replace [So] with [She].

    “Zagan hadn’t asked her to or anything, but seeing other people ruined due to him wasn’t a good feeling.” Replace [to or] with [for] or replace [or] with [do].

    “Kuh, a-anyway, dinner’s done, right? Let’s go, Nephie’s cooking will stop you crying.” Change [you] to [your].

    “The first thing that the word family would bring to mind would be a child holding hand with their parents.” Change [hand] to [hands].

    “Nephie was in her usual attendant’s outfit, but Fol was in the same robe as always, so had only underwear on beneath it.” Replace [so] with [she].

    “She was still unsteady on her feet, but it seemed she like the clothes themselves.” Change [like] to [liked].

    {Surprisingly, Fol agreed.”} Get rid of the quotation mark on this line.

    “Because of the lack of similarity, he hadn’t realised it when he met Chastel, and she hadn’t got the holy sword that day either.” Considering he just met her in an earlier scene of this chapter replace [got the holy sword that day either.] with [possessed the holy sword earlier either.] if you want to keep [hadn’t]. If you’re fine with dropping [hadn’t] change the sentence to [Chastel, and she didn’t have the holy sword earlier either.] If you don’t like [earlier] you can replace [that day] with [today].


    • – Guess I must have dragged text accidentally at some point, replaced where it had gone missing but not noticed that it’d moved

      – mages in general rather than a specific group, so I don’t think ‘the’ fits

      – fixed

      – fixed

      – fixed

      – changed

      – changed ‘so’ to ‘and so’

      – fixed

      – fixed

      – changed to ‘ and she didn’t have the holy sword earlier either’

      Thanks for the corrections


  14. haiph22 says:

    Thanks for the chapter. ^_^


  15. sweed says:

    I only took 40minutes to read it, now I’m blaming myself for reading so fast. They’re all so adorable ❤


  16. Green Spell says:

    Sniff, sniff. It was such a heartwarming episode. It made me think a lot about things regarding children and stuff. Zagan does a good job not being unaware of the dangers that people can bring so I understand her attitude towards Fol, though unfortunately for him he grew fond of her in no time and probably will try to protect her now that he has accepted it.

    When he found that book about the holy night and remembered the symbol, it made me think that maybe they use the power of the demons but I might be wrong and they may be related in some way that the symbols seems the same.

    This was mostly a chapter towards Fol and we did know much more about her expressions and a little bit of her beliefs/fears about her surrounding, it was funny how she thought that she was going to be eaten by Zagan, that’s just grotesque and funny on its own way. The comedy was really refreshing and of course, the scenes of Zagan and Nephi are as always a good thing to read, it lightens the mood.

    Thanks for the translation~


    • Green Spell says:

      Oh sorry, I forgot. Like at the middle, a little bit lower.

      “Being held be Fol on his right hand, and Nephie on his left was strangely comfortable.”

      It should be “by”


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