Chapter 1 — Not Even a Demon Lord Will Raise A Hand Against A Child

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Chapter removed due to licensing.



26 comments on “Chapter 1 — Not Even a Demon Lord Will Raise A Hand Against A Child
  1. 。     ∧,,_∧
      ///   /::/ Thanks!
      |::|/⊂ヽノ|::|」 Nepu!!
    / ̄ ̄旦 ̄ ̄ ̄/|


  2. Dragons33 says:

    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. MeatbunDevourer says:

    What a cute bunch of dorks.
    Also, dragon loli aсquired!


  4. thejadmaster says:

    Love it! This is a great turn of events to shake up Zagan and Nephie’s sweet, halting romantic life. 🙂


  5. mr.tanen says:

    thanks for the chapter!


  6. deras says:

    where is my insulin shot?!

    thanks for the chapter


  7. nansty says:

    Thanks for the chapter !!!


  8. Musume getto!! 8D


  9. Nyankou says:

    A daughter to be!


  10. Procrastinatron says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Dragon loli, one of my top three favorite lolis next to vampire loli and demon loli.


  11. Thanks for the chapter.

    “About half a month again, Zagan had inherited the legacy of the previous Demon Lord, Marchosias.” Replace [again] with [ago].

    “There were many things he wanted to say, like ‘even without that, your cuteness surprised me’ or ‘your surprised me so much I’ll just hug you like that’, but he took a deep breath and calmed himself.” Change [your surprised me] to [you surprised me].

    “Sties would have perhaps been more appropriate than rooms.” Change [Sties] to [Sites].

    “As Zagan sat to the table, Nephie began a quiet explanation.” Replace [to] with [at].


  12. QLikesDonuts says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Shame on him for beating up little girls haha.


  13. sweed says:

    Zagan should give her some of Nephie’s pudding as well so she’ll join them. ; )


  14. Kryto says:

    Horray for more of this adorable dorky couple! I’m glad to see they’re at a point where Nephie is trying to play little pranks on him haha. Ah, but seriously seeing her try so hard to cook delicious meals for him is just so heartwarming. I’m being overloaded with vanilla every time.

    I didn’t expect the random intruder to be the loli in the prologue though. Just what kind of circumstances lead her to become a demon lord. Or rather, is she actually a young girl, and not some really old being with a young looking body? Then again Zagan actually IS really young despite his magic having the potential to extend his lifespan.

    Once again, thank you for the chapter!


  15. Thanks for the chapter,This series heals me and i cant be more greatfull for the translators. Ravioli Ravioli Dont lewd the dragon loli


  16. ModoTheGreat says:


    Why is Zagan holding a fork in that illustration?


    • Heh, glad I wasn’t the only one to question that, I’m assuming the illustrator was asked for “the two calmly eating pie, and Valefar getting angry” and wasn’t told about the spoon


      • ModoTheGreat says:

        I mean, there was clearly some sort of mix-up there, but I wouldn’t normally think to draw anyone eating pudding with a fork in the first place. It’s… peculiar? Maybe the illustrator just usually eats pudding like that and it was an unconscious thing?


      • ModoTheGreat says:

        (since I can’t edit messages)

        Just wanted to add, though. Zagan looks SO CUTE in the illustration. It’s awesome.


  17. Sublimasi says:

    next next next


  18. Ayush says:

    How is chapters updating schedule


  19. Green Spell says:

    Lmao, I didn’t take into account that in the illustration he was eating pudding with a fork, that’s pretty funny. Jokes aside, he now has more reasons to not kill his enemies, at least in front of Nephi. And I want to know more about how is it that Valefar was being called “they” probably because of their voice, amirite. Either way valefar seems like a funny character so I want to see her role on the next chapters~

    Thank you for the translation~~


  20. chipmunksrule66 says:

    Oof! It got licensed.


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