Chapter 5 — Becoming a Demon Lord Seems to Require Outrageous Behaviour

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34 comments on “Chapter 5 — Becoming a Demon Lord Seems to Require Outrageous Behaviour
  1. Institut pertanian boogooor says:


    Thanks for the chapter. 😀


  2. Pedro Sousa says:

    Finally dude, and heck it’s still ending in a cliff is this a torture is that it?

    But Nelphie is the most cute thing in the world and damn Barbatus getting in the way of the confession.


  3. Makc says:

    thanks for the cap !!


  4. Im kinda lost so he didnt kill his friend but suddenly a monster comes out of his demon lord seal or something?


    • Lowe says:

      no, its just a demon cameout from the summoning magic that barbatos prepared. and i think that demons submit to the ones that have the demon lord seal


  5. Drew says:

    Ho ho, good chapter!


  6. Law says:

    Ok ….. Now I need more! Thank you for the chapter.


  7. Bada says:

    Lmaoooo. He’s so op now. He didn’t even know it. Thanks for the chapter!!


  8. Sherrynity says:

    The cliff is slowly killing me, you nasty d¡ckhead

    Thanks for the chap, btw.


  9. Stephenola says:

    This is honestly the best romance LN I’ve read in a long time, and it has no right to be..

    BTW. Thanks for not splitting this into a gazillion parts like most translators would do.

    You’re awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. .   ∧_∧
     ======== \Thanks!!


  11. Dragons33 says:

    Thank you so much for the chapter!

    Now then, Why the Hell must every chapter end on a cliff!!! I haven’t been this excited and anxious for more chapters for so long until now.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Demon get!! This is so cool! Zagan literally became a demon lord! Cliff is a torture but I’ll wait for the next one patiently. Thank you for the update!


  13. Nyx says:

    Nelphie join your party!
    +99999 luck added, what the heck 😂


  14. Pathos says:

    Damn…so sweet


  15. ranobesuki says:

    fantastic series


  16. DarkWolf907 says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  17. darkdroid1 says:

    I love this series,Thanks a lot.


  18. Thanks for the chapter.

    “There’s… something I’d like to ask you. Do you think the mage known as Zagan ever been accompanied by several other mages, and performed kidnappings or sacrificial rituals?” Add the word [has] after [Zagan].

    “The knight they had met, she had been able to once more see the moon, that she thought she would never see again, and had been unable to bear it, and reached her hand towards it.”
    Change [knight] to [night].

    “Zagan was stood stock still, in that deserted forest.” Replace [stood] with [standing] or get rid of the word [was].

    “A voice came from the sky. With the holy knights having invaded this face, the bounded fields up to this point were meaningless.” Change [face] to [place].

    “She remembered Zagan sating that the kidnapping was ‘like they were showing it to the church’.” Change [sating] to [stating].

    “Zagan’s fist sank into Barbarus’ stomach, and he felt his organs rupture, and even his spine be crushed.” Replace [be] with [being].


  19. Andre B says:

    aaahhhh, I was hoping Nephie would have gotten to fight alongside Zagan but I guess Barbarus just wasn’t strong enough to warrant that. On a related note, I can’t think anything good would come of summoning a demon without the demon lord seal to control them. Barbarus should really consider how his life just saved.


    • Pattern says:

      That might have been his play – create a rampaging demon and try to force the demon lords’ hand to elevate him so he can control it.
      Or maybe he thought he could control it himself to impress them.


      • ModoTheGreat says:

        The summoning of demons was an art lost to legend and myth. It is by far the most likely that Barba-chan just didn’t properly understand how he’d be royally screwed the moment he made a demon appear.


  20. QLikesDonuts says:

    Thanks for the chapter! It appears each Demon Lord governs an actual demon.


  21. solu.lovers says:

    thanks for the chappie~~

    a little bit correction

    Did they already here about me becoming a Demon Lord?

    Did they already hear about me becoming a Demon Lord?


  22. Rauna says:

    In myth, Marchosias have his\her own legion of demon right?. Maybe he inherited the power maybe?


  23. Kryto says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh when Chastel was being bullied. Argh, some characters it just feels amusing to bully them~! I should feel bad but I don’t x.x; Like if Nephie was being bullied I’d be enraged haha. It’s great that she was able to make some friends though. Not only that, she bounced back from Zagan’s hurtful words quickly and was able to sense something was wrong. As expected of our Nephie! She didn’t necessarily see through exactly why Zagan pushed her away, but resolved to be by his side anyway. It wasn’t specifically for her sake either. She wanted to relieve his pain, argh such cuteness. What a good girl.

    Then predictably Barbar came and screwed everything up. His motivations were pretty standard stuff. Zagan’s power was more or less in line with what we expected. Although I have to admit some of the details on the magic stuff flew over my head. In the end I just went with “It works and he absorbs magic, so yeah”. I’m not sure how I feel about him sparing his life lol. On one hand yeah he’s strong, but on the other it’s like argh he’s obviously being a soft! You can tell this isn’t a Chinese novel hahaha. I suppose leaving him alive does open up possible character development for Barbar though. I just hope he won’t remain an irritant and learn what actual friendship is.

    Ending off is another cliffhanger. Blargh, thanks for the chapter! And off to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did rather enjoy Zagan’s demands after sparing him, I’ve got to admit.

      That kind of thing was the main thing I enjoyed with this, it’s a relatively dark world, and it doesn’t quite play that down, but has the contrast of the humour and cuteness to a world with slavery etc where sacrifices are seen as relatively common place, and just kinda an assumed risk.

      I’d say it was less of a cliffhanger this time, and more of a sequel hook, because there isn’t the suspense of the immediate consequences. I’m looking forward to the next volume too, hope we enjoy it as much as this one.

      EDIT: Yes I did read this as if it was a comment on the epilogue and chapter 5 together and replied like it was, oops.


  24. CesarAKG says:

    Succubus, get!

    Thanks for the chapter.


  25. Cheng Yao Chu says:

    Hi there, thanks for the translations. There are some miss spelling or errors here and there:
    throughput => throughout
    “It was hurt” => “It was painful” (?)
    And that’s all, I think. About the last one, I’m not that sure but I think it makes more sense if it’s “painful” rather than “hurt” if we take into consideration the context. Sorry if I’m wrong about that, I mainly speak Spanish so… I’m not that good at English.


    • Both of those are actually correct, though thank you for pointing them out regardless.

      Throughput is the amount (of mana in this case) running through the circle in a given time.

      The hurt is referring to what the look was, so “It was [a look of] hurt [on her face]”


  26. Green Spell says:

    As I expected, Nephie made a decision and tried to make it clear to Zagan; though the only differences is that I was expecting someone to make her realize that, I’m glad that she thought all of that with her own mind through the information that she was receiving from Manuela and Chastel, I’m pretty satisfied with this development and I’m happy for Nephie. Poor Chastel even being looked down by the villagers, I thought that it was going to be the opposite, that the citizens were on the church’s side but I guess it was expected. Even knowing that, I still feel bad for her for all that bullying and stuff, although she kind of deserves it because of her position as a Holy Knight.

    I knew it! That barbar was some kind of traitor, just his personality was too suspicious though I didn’t think that far like he was behind all of that stuff about framing Zagan to get the Demon Lord’s seat and stuff, I thought that Zagan would have killed him but not doing so is actually not bad; though, it felt like he was supressing or didn’t have any anger swelled up inside which was kind of unsettling.

    Seems like he won’t battle against that demon though he won’t win, at least the novel doesn’t say so. Let’s see what’s going to be his request towards this being,

    Thank you for the chapter~


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