Chapter 4 — A Broken Heart is also Fairly Physically Painful

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50 comments on “Chapter 4 — A Broken Heart is also Fairly Physically Painful
  1. Senght says:

    “That’s right. IT looks like you think of your ‘sorcery’ as a bad thing, but power is neither good nor evil. Are there idiots who assign good and evil to blades? It’s just the people that take them up and wield them like that.”


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    • firelight777 says:

      The non-extreme ones don’t say guns are evil, they say the evil and/or stupid ones have too much access to them. Guns are more likely to main/harm you and your own family than protect them as is.


      • zarvii says:

        And yet ironically the most dangerous weapon in world stopped the world war and still keeping the present time at peace.


      • AnonBastion says:

        And any idiot that has access to one could activate it, causing the entire humanity to be extinct. That’s the argument here. The guns themselves aren’t evil, but you could likely to have one or two dead family members before you put out a single thief breaking into your house. Don’t really want to flame a political debate, but at least understand both perspectives before replying sarcastically?


      • firelight777 says:

        It also allowed the world wars to happen and kills countless people every day across the world.


      • zarvii says:

        I’m talking about nuke btw


      • Pete says:

        @Zarvi: It speed up the end but Japan was losing at that point their navy was devastated and Japan was without allies (remember Germany had already lost.) Whether killing 200000 civillains and poisoning the area for a long while was justified is another discussion but saying it ended WW2 is while it is technically true also misleading. It speed up the surrender of the less dangerous enemy.



    I didn’t see that cliff coming


    • Cuedon says:

      It was kind of coming with the events at the meeting, I thought. Bet we’re going to have an anguished monologue coming up about how he had to do it to protect her.


  3. parth37955 says:

    *He regretted not helping her.*
    by context, seems like it’s “He regretted helping her.*

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  4. .   ∧_∧
     ======== \Thanks!!


  5. yemallis says:

    Wow TL is a troll.


  6. parth37955 says:

    sorry about this, one more:
    something a want.
    something I want.


  7. wildthorn says:

    No way what is this
    This ending is one of the most annoying cliffhangers.
    Thank you very much and please come back with a new chapter quickly. I am hanging here you know.


    • Not really mc is fking a awesome…. if anything it’s fking sad don’t know why you would find it annoying. He does know she sees him as a great kind man that saved her life, but in reality he knows he’s a evil bastard that doesn’t deserve her and he doesnt want her to know about that part, he wants her to be pure hearted and live a peaceful life. This was just fking sad fuck you man asshole


      • Gary says:

        Chill bro. OP is just commenting on how it’s annoying that the chapter ended with a cliff, not that the story is annoying. He is clearly eager to read more.

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  8. Dragons33 says:

    Thanks for the Chapter!

    The cliff hanger ends on such dramatic note that I feel like I’m sky diving instead. Darn it! I don’t think I can wait for the next chapter!


  9. maplejvl says:

    Not the dreaded cliff hanger.


  10. Fking legend mc so sweet… people can’t wait


  11. SolarLancer says:

    oi oi oi you can’t do this!!! come on this isn’t its the peak of mount everest and you have nothing on you and there is no way down.


  12. Pathos says:

    Sniff..sniff..thc for the chapter


  13. Kryto says:

    ARGH SO CUTE! I’m dying here, I’m dying! The sweetness of the first half filled my mouth and became almost physical. There’s just so much to like about this clumsy pair. Nephie and her ridiculously adorable ears (Srsly I wonder why this is the first time I’ve seen this trait for elves haha). Zagan with his inability to let his honest feelings show. I could just go and on forever about these two.

    Ha, but then things get more serious with the second half. I’m actually a bit surprised at this development, although the synopsis did kind of give it away. What really has me interested is the attitude of the Demon Lords. Generally you’d expect an evil cabal to want to monopolize power and removal all possible threats no? That’s the cliche at least. With that in mind, they wouldn’t want to give Zagan, who’s unique ability (whatever it is) makes him a tough opponent even more power. I might have misjudged these so called “Demon Lords”. Maybe they truly want to see magic advance for advancement’s sake. Hence giving the power to someone with a unique ability rather than someone who’s just conventionally strong. That or some back deal politics are going on and it suits them to have an inexperienced Demon Lord, or both.

    I noticed this might be an error “Even on the slimmest chance, he was not so powerless as to fall to an eighteen-year-old babe.” Did you mean 8 years old? They were referring to when Zagan was first picked out to be a sacrifice, so that should be about a decade ago when he was 8, not 18.

    It’s notable that Zagan has picked up on a possible treachery. Since there’s only one character introduced so far that has the ability to waltz through Zagan’s bound fields, it seems obvious they are setting up some kind of confrontation between the two. Barbar’s always been suspicious in my eyes lol.

    Then we move on to the cliff hanger ending. Argh what a place to end it. It’s a critical blow! I must admit looking at it from his perspective it does make a degree of sense for him to push Nephie away. This only shows how good of a heart Zagan actually has though, and I’m also sure Nephie will see through his rouse. Our little elf sorceress isn’t so weak as to just meekly walk out! I look forward to seeing how she’ll handle this. Stand up to Mr.Dummy-tsundere-mage and show him your resolve!

    Once again, thanks for the chapter!

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  14. Pedro Sousa says:

    Nigga you can’t do this to us brah, what is this cliff goddamnit D:


  15. Ori says:

    That Cliff.
    TL this feels like a sucker punch for it being accelerated. Such a fall.


  16. Nyx says:

    Zagan is the best MC this season :))


  17. Stephenola says:

    This quickly becoming a new favorite of mine.

    Thabks for the chapter.


  18. DarkWolf907 says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  19. That escalates quickly ~(=O_O)

    Nooo Zagan, you can’t leave the cute Nephie alone!! Who knows what will happen to her?! You’re severely misunderstanding something here~ The best way to protect someone is to keep them close and protect them with your own two hands ~(=>w<)


  20. Thanks for the chapter. Come on Zagan, why do you have to push her away so soon. Usually there’s a bunch of struggling to make things work before it comes to this point.

    “You’re always sleeping sat down, master.” Replace [sat] with [sitting].

    “Truly, a tyrants power, fit for a Demon Lord.” Change [tyrants] to [tyrant’s].

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  21. Andre B says:

    whoa, what? This is all happening so fast…or maybe it just feels that way because the chapters are longer than most. Anyway, didn’t expect him to become Maou this early. I was betting on him fighting Barbaros first. As for his power, I’m still betting on it being the ability to control active magic. The way they were talking about it almost sounds like it makes him immortal but I’m thinking it’s more that those who use magic could never kill him. What makes me unsure is that I don’t remember how familiar with the idea of such an ability he seemed to be when Nephie brought it up.

    Also, really Zagan? Your going to try and send her out on her own right after you realized somethings up with Barbaros AND you just planted the idea of just how useful she is in his head?!


    • “Somethings up with Barbaros”, Andre B means to say Barbarus knows something? Is he a true friend? There’s also the mystery of the culprit behind breaking MC’s magic circle and the whole maou thing that came out of nowhere… suspicious… I’m really curious about the next chapter! I hope it’s not a sad one!
      Yes, the poor elf was so happy being with him, and then came this heart-wrenching chapter’s ending… Why can’t MC explain things better in important situations like this???? Let her make her own decision to stay or not (we know she wants to stay) with you!
      Thanks again for the translation of this wonderful novel!


  22. zhongkok says:

    Cliff hanger?? I hate that…
    Btw..thanks for the chapter


  23. beingzukjent says:

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Btw, I think there’s something wrong with next chapter……I keep hitting refresh but it’s still not there.
    😀 😥


  24. mighthose says:

    At first they were annoyingly Flirting (Its not that im jealous or anything! I SWEAR!) but suddenly the author throws a sudden cliche drama! Just hope that Nephie dont turn into Yandere because of it!


  25. Nooooooooooo! What a cliffhanger…
    So many mysteries! So much sadness from their incoming separation! Noooo, I hope they won’t separate, this arc can’t end like this, they obviously want to stay together with one another!
    I thought this novel was a cute slice-of-life, but perhaps there’s also a serious, dramatic overtone too?
    Thank you very much for picking up this awesome project!


  26. Kllick says:

    It was the moment the clumsy pair’s life together came to an abrupt end.

    No worry. This is still the first volume and no one said this novel is one-shot. Hopefully there’s no annoying drama for the next several chapters like “Master doesn’t need me. Now there’s no purpose for me to continue living *cried in the corner*.”


  27. Gaspar says:

    Gracias por el capítulo.


  28. Green Spell says:

    When he was with the demon lords I already knew that he would say something like that to Nephie so she can be happy and stuff but sadly that’s not the way. Though I can see where the Zagan is coming from; it’s admirable how he’s thinking about Nephie. And that reunion with the demon lord smelled as bad as trash, feels almost like a foreshadowing that something really bad is going to start or maybe, Zagan was kind of cheated by them and it’s doesn’t seem any good.

    And what will happen now with Zagan’s “friend” now that he can’t be demon lord, though for some reason I don’t really trust him but maybe he’s going to be a really helpful guy to Zagan now on, who knows.

    Kind of Ironic that Nephie was supposed to learn magic and know she can’t keep it going because Zagan is driving her away, let’s see what’s her reaction; most likely the next chapter will be the first time for her to do something selfish.

    Thanks for the chapter~~


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