Chapter 3 — The Quiet ones are Devastatingly Terrifying when Angry

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25 comments on “Chapter 3 — The Quiet ones are Devastatingly Terrifying when Angry
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     ======== \Thanks!!

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  2. Stygian says:



  3. Tente says:

    more.. i want more… ; seriously, thanks for your translation


  4. DarkWolf907 says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  5. darkdroid1 says:

    I love this story,thanks for the Chapter.


  6. nansty says:

    Thanks for this new chapter !!!


  7. boy zer says:

    thanks for chapter


  8. boy zer says:

    thanks for the chapter


  9. Kryto says:

    Dang that was a pretty climactic ending. The quiet ones are indeed terrifying when angry! I’m just growing more and more fond of this novel. The fluffy and cute romance between two socially awkward individuals is just too precious.

    Nephie really showed her strong core at the end. I really like how she’s already making strides from her initial half-dead state. She’s now taking some proactive action and isn’t afraid to live a little. All those baby steps will add up!

    The best part about this pair is that it’s not one sided. There are a lot of crappy master slave relationships in LNs that are just pure wish fulfillment. The masters are portrayed as supah beings and the slaves just lavish praise and admiration on the lame self insert MC master.

    In this novel Zagan are Nephie are helping each other develop emotionally. Both are stunted individuals but in different ways. I hope in the future they can become great partners who support each other.

    Thanks so much for the chapter! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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    • Damn, thanks for giving me such an in-depth comment. Silly as it may sound, you really made my day.


      • Kryto says:

        Hahaha and I’m glad to hear I helped! When I read a nice story that I really like I can’t help but want to discuss it a bit. Spread the enthusiasm and try to get more people to see the fun. I suppose it’s also a way to show my appreciation for all the hard work fan translators like you do. Translations, especially good ones take an enormous amount of effort to pull off. I figure it’s the least I can do to put a tiny bit of effort into my comments as well. If it makes the translators happier, than all the better! Everyone wins.

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  10. Stephenola says:

    I’m really liking this story.

    Great translation btw.

    Please continue with this one!


  11. Kllick says:

    “What is this? I want to corner her a little more.”

    I knew right. That feeling to want to bully the girl you like is soooo addicting.


  12. Thanks for the chapter.

    “It’s here where a mages skill is visible.” Change [mages] to [mage’s].

    “Irritatedly raising his finger, the preemptively brought it down.” Replace [the] with [then].

    “He could recover from even a fatal wound immediately, and he faced with an un-winnable situation, he could escape faster than human perception.” Change [and he faced] to [and when faced].


  13. Grey_Dante says:

    In my country is saying :”The silent waters is most deepest…”


  14. Pathos says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  15. more.. i want more… ; seriously, thanks for your translation more.. i want more… ; seriously, thanks for your translation


  16. silver says:

    This is an amazing story so far. Thank you for the translation! I already can’t wait for the next chapter!


  17. Andre B says:

    huh. So, I guess that’s how it is. I was wondering what was up with that. The title suggests that Zagan would be the next Maou but it seemed like Barbobo-bo bo-bobo, or however you say his name, was a stronger candidate than him because of the trick at the beginning of hijacking his magic circuit. If this is going by Chekhov’s gun, making everything stated in story significant, it’ll turn out the friend was framing him, as he’s all for virgin sacrifices, and Zagan will have to beat him with Nephie and develop the ability to manipulate active spell from the discussion with her in order to do so. That would make him the “Strongest Mage”, worthy of being elected Maou, and position him as a magician specializing in fighting rouge magic users and protecting people rather than attacking innocent people.

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  18. GO NEPHIE!! ~(=>w<)


  19. Eeveelutionlvr says:

    I just discovered this this evening while looking through the NU romance tags. Both story and translation quality are genuinely Good Shit™. Keep it rolling. ^w^b


  20. Flashkirby99 says:

    “Chapter 3 – Dangerous Elf, Handle with Care”


  21. Riceur says:

    I really like it, in LN/WN i usually read, slave/master relationship is just like master = OP, too kind, and always the one who helped the slave ( not the opposite ), etc. Meanwhile the slave = pretty weak ( sometimes become pretty strong too ), the one who take care of his/her master, etc. but this novel is different, i don’t know how to describe that, but it was a really great ( or even one of the greatest one ) novel i’ve already read. BTW, sorry if you didn’t understand it, i’m from foreign country and i pretty much didn’t use english, so sorry if my english pretty bad

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  22. mighthose says:

    Oh damn! is Nephie really an Elf? is that collar on her neck meant to be a slave collar?


  23. Green Spell says:

    The chapters had been pretty good so far, the last part of this one explained the title itself. When Nephie said that she couldn’t use magic I thought that she wasn’t powerful even though when she was a slave the announcer said that she was if not the strongest elf and the closest to gods but now I think I understand how the thing goes for her and I’m interested in what’s going to happen now on because for sure, Zagan is going to think more about what he has seen.

    What I like the most is that even though he’s not accustomed to girls, he isn’t that clumsy about it and sometimes he makes really good decisions; even if he’s teasing or trying the ease/help Nephie, they both kind of complement each other for what they don’t have and learn to better themselves in the process. It’s a really cool development of these two characters and it really feels refreshed. I hope that they can keep this up so in the future they’ll improve more as a living being (but if death is needed, death will be granted to enemies)

    I think that I know how Chastel’s role is going to develop, let’s see if it’s as I think it would be, though I would like that a thorny path has been bestowed on her, rip.

    Thanks for the chapter~


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