I, a Demon Lord, Took a Slave Elf as my Wife, but how do I Love Her?

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Zagan is feared as an evil mage, he is awkward and has a sharp tongue, and once again had to put down thieves that encroached on his territory when he was researching that morning. In a dark auction, he finds a white-haired slave elf, Nephie, who holds a peerless beauty. Falling in love with her at first sight, he uses his fortune to buy her, but as poor as he is socially, doesn’t understand how to connect with her. Thus, the clumsy cohabitation of the mage that can’t convey his love, and the slave that pines for her master but doesn’t understand how to bring it up, begins.

Most chapters have now been removed, only linked chapters remain.

Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3


16 comments on “I, a Demon Lord, Took a Slave Elf as my Wife, but how do I Love Her?
  1. Udin says:

    Added to my favorite

    Thx for the hardwork


  2. isaac says:

    Tener que usar el traductor Google para entender pero bueno no hay de otra gracias por el esfuerzo de traducirla


  3. Demyu Teitoku says:

    Just caught up. Loved it. Bookmarked ❤


  4. Gia Nghị Phan says:

    thanks for the chapter ❤


  5. Sublimasi says:

    Update please T-T


  6. Collin says:

    Hey man, enjoy your translations. Curious if you’re considering dropping the series or just putting it aside for now?


  7. N1gh7r4v3n says:

    If I may, a good idea for TL’ing multiple novels is to do them in a circuit instead of one chapter per novel. So finish one volume/section of a novel then move onto the next novel. This decreases burnout from one series and keeps releases consistant


    • It’s certainly something I’ve considered. I do somewhat prefer doing it like this though, because while yes, there’s more of a delay between each chapter of a series, there’s less of a delay overall. For Slave Elf for example, assuming I went at the maximum pace I’ve managed and kept it up there would be two weeks for the volume, and then _at least_ a month before more material if I kept the current order and pattern. And I probably wouldn’t be able to maintain that pace, so more like two months in between and a while month on translating it.

      I’ll consider it more though, and maybe give it a shot at some point.


  8. this novel still update??
    i want read this but i am worried if this novel got droped


  9. Battlesheep says:

    Thank you so much for translating this- i honestly enjoyed it so much. Cant wait for more!


  10. Kami Kage says:

    Awesome story, thanks so much for translating it.


  11. when vol 3 update??
    still waiting for vol 3 T_T


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