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Maou-ppoi no! — Volume 1 — Chapters 4 & 5

It’s been a good while, but Vic is back from the land of little internet and less booze, so he’s been able to go through the next two chapters and get the edits approved, hope you enjoy it: Chapter 4

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Maou-ppoi no! — Volume 1 — Chapter 3

Here we go, a week to the day, enjoy the chapter. Nothing else I can think that needs to be said, let Vic know if you enjoyed it, sure that’ll make his day.

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Maou-ppoi no! — Volume 1 — Chapter 2

Well, slightly later than I hoped (I wanted to get it posted by yesterday, but unfortunately the translator has been ill so it took him a while to go over the edits) but regardless, enjoy the chapter.

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Maou-ppoi no! — Volume 1 — Chapter 1

Translated by Victorrama, with editing by Lass Isolet and Yuuki. We’ve got a project page, an illustration page (translations and typesets to come closer to the full volume release), and the first chapter, newly edited and shiny from the version

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I've finally caved and bothered to make a ko-fi, if you want to support me, feel free to use this. The money will likely literally go on coffee (and tea) or weeb stuff. This is solely to show support, it won't make me TL faster, it won't affect what I do or do not pick up, it's just a nice "I like what you're doing." Buy Me a Coffee at
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