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GaWoRaRe – Volume 1 – Flag 1

And after much head-scratching, including a good laugh when I forgot that intra-cerebral walrus isn’t literally a walrus, it’s the hippocampus (I also think I’m starting to hate the author a little with his, as a friend put it, labyrinthine

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GaWoRaRe – Volume 1 – Flag 0

‘Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara’ or ‘If Her Flag Were Toppled’ (GaWoRaRe for short). I’ve been thinking of starting this for quite a while now, I really enjoyed the anime and even from just reading the manga you could tell

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I've finally caved and bothered to make a ko-fi, if you want to support me, feel free to use this. The money will likely literally go on coffee (and tea) or weeb stuff. This is solely to show support, it won't make me TL faster, it won't affect what I do or do not pick up, it's just a nice "I like what you're doing." Buy Me a Coffee at
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