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Slave Elf Wife — Volume 3 — Prologue + Licensing

Here’s the prologue of volume 3, edited by Squirtle-sensei. Along with (a repetition of) an announcement.

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Slave Elf Wife Licensed!

I had a hunch this might happen, so I’ve been taking things fairly easy until AX actually happened, and thought that it would be during the event itself, but Sam jumped ahead and Slave Elf has been licensed as An Archdemon’s

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Slave Elf Wife — Volume 2 — Afterword + ebooks

Edits and images have all been finished (though there’s likely going to have been some stuff that’s fallen through the cracks) So here’s the Afterword, and here’s the link to download the e-books. epub, mobi, and PDF as usual.

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Slave Elf Wife — Volume 2 — Epilogue

I did say it wouldn’t be long. Here’s the epilogue. The afterword and e-books will come out once all the chapters have been edited and there’s been long enough for people to point out mistakes and issues, so if anyone

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Slave Elf Wife — Volume 2 — Chapter 4

The end is now in sight. Chapter 4 is here, and is nearly 12 thousand words long. The epilogue and afterword are the only things left now. I won’t actually be moving on to what’s next according to my ‘schedule’,

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Slave Elf Manga Picked Up

(Not by me myself, I hasten to add) No Group Scanlations has picked up the manga of this and released chapter 1 about 15 minutes ago. The images are kinda blurry and the typesetting and stuff is (potentially purposefully) shitty

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Slave Elf Wife — Volume 2 — Chapter 3

There we go, slightly later than I intended, but still chapter 3, nearly 10k words. As usual, let me know if I’ve made any fuck-ups. It’s eminently possible seeing as my wrist is killing me and I have exams coming

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I've finally caved and bothered to make a ko-fi, if you want to support me, feel free to use this. The money will likely literally go on coffee (and tea) or weeb stuff. This is solely to show support, it won't make me TL faster, it won't affect what I do or do not pick up, it's just a nice "I like what you're doing." Buy Me a Coffee at
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