This is going to be a place for me to dump translations of whatever I happen to be reading when I fancy it. Seeing as my main issue always used to be losing motivation for one project and moving on to another, hopefully just having whatever catches my fancy at the time will mean I can cycle around as I get bored and be more likely to actually finish things.

Also, as an aside, one of my friends was rather amused by Google’s fuzzy searches and made a list of horribly misspelled versions of the site name that still find it. Of course, having the actual words on the site kind of ruins the fun, but I thought I’d share them.

niyntain od pfheions trasnlitlions
montaine of pidgeyons tranlsat
montaine of pidgeyns translatons
nnmuotaine pf pihgoens trinaslntion
notuhaikn fo peighons transtloins
moutnusnions ofpigeodns trnasltoons
moinbtdsinis of pigepons tnrrksaltions
moisntain of pigguns translut
mouitain oif pigebs trasnltiosan
nmoiuinta fo pijoesn trsnaltiaon
mountaoi of piegns transtion

17 comments on “About
  1. Dann says:



  2. Dansyl says:

    Hi, thanks for your hard work translating this series and just have one question about the translation of Seiken Tsukai no world break, do you have the raw novel on epub ?


  3. anon from that trinity seven thread says:

    Wanted to thank you for the trinity seven movie subs. In the end they came out just a few hours afer I went to sleep, (no Levi dream though).
    Luckily the thread survived till you finished.
    Thanks a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. alexlguna says:

    Hi, thanks for the translations of such interesting and entertaining novels, I would like to ask if it is possible to translate the Spanish slave novel into my page, obviously I will publish a link that will direct you to the page so that you can enjoy the great variety of novels which has become
    Although it is a small page, with a small number of new visits and a full time, I patiently wait for your answer.


  5. Rich says:

    I was wondering if you have an email in which I can contact you at?


  6. Maya says:

    Hi translator. I have a request. Can you translate fremd torturchen (Isekai Goumon Hime)? This LN is good but translation stopped 😦


  7. Eduardo says:

    Hi sir, thanks for the translations, have a nice day 🙂


  8. sina b says:

    Thanks for your hard work!!! my only other option was learning another language to read the Raskal Bunny series which is phenomenal i must say


  9. The page for the Afterward to Volume One of Seishun Buta Yarou refers to the link having both the complete volume including the Afterward, but when I click on it, I only find the Afterward and not the complete Volume One. Am I missing something? I was using the Novel Updates website.


  10. I see how I misunderstood what you had written. Thanks for that link, I hadn’t seen it before. I can download the chapters and make single volume files with Acrobat Pro. If that works out, would you want copies? Let me know. And thanks so much for translating this light novel. I’ve really enjoyed the anime and wanted to read the original. I wish I knew Japanese so I could help. I’ll use that ko-fi link to show my support.


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