A Pubescent Low-Life Series

(Also known as the Seishun Buta Yarou Series)


‘Adolescence Syndrome’, rumours of occult-ish happenings, an urban legend of the likes of ‘being able to read minds’, ‘seeing people’s futures’, or ‘swapping bodies with someone’.

However, Azusagawa Sakuta, a second year at Minegahara High School, knows that these mysterious occurrences really exist, because something that had happened meant he could not deny it.

And then, on the final day of Golden Week in May, at the library, Sakuta met a wild bunny girl.

Translated from the Wikipedia page

Ebooks available here.

Volume 1 — A Pubescent Low-Life Dreams Not of a Bunny Girl Senpai


5 comments on “A Pubescent Low-Life Series
  1. Did you already read it? if yes can you tell me what’s happened at the end of this volume? I read the manga but the conclusion chapter seems still far away.


  2. thaiphamminh says:

    Love your work, hope to enjoy the entire volume


  3. TrueKing_15 says:

    Thanks! so will you continue the translation?


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