KimiSen — Volume 2 — Chapter 1

p033.jpgWell, it’s been rather a while, but here we are. I’ve had a thought recently about how I’m doing my two main projects (this and Low-life/Seishun) and so I figured I’d ask what you’d prefer. Would you rather I (mostly) alternate between them by chapter, occasionally doing two in a row when the fancy takes me, or by volume. Either way things will continue as they are until I finish volume 2 of either, at which point I’ll take a winner.

Poll link here.

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4 comments on “KimiSen — Volume 2 — Chapter 1
  1. Thanks for chapter, excellent work.

    You have a date for complete volume 2?


  2. babapo741 says:

    What a pleasant surprise. Thanks!


  3. ranobesuki says:

    This is my favorite series on the site 🙂


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