Project Updates

Okay, can’t be bothered to go in-depth into reasoning etc because I have to read Black Magic Banana or a yellow blob thing will be most displeased, so here we go:

  • Slave Elf is (obviously) dropped, KimiSen (Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjo, Aruiha Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen) will be replacing it.
  • Low-Life (Seishun Buta Series) is still continuing.
  • Magia’s dropped, I’ll be picking up Strongest Mage again in its place I believe, but that might change.
  • Monster Tamer is definitely finishing the volume, probably the second too. (Volume 3 when, Najima?)
  • Trinity Seven will finish this volume, is unlikely to finish the next.
  • Wind and Lute will continue, though future volumes are dicey because no digital raws and I hate translating from the physicals.
  • World Break will be dropped after this volume.


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5 comments on “Project Updates
  1. Mike says:

    I hope you change your mind on dropping World Break as there isn’t anybody translating it nor heard of any licensing from English publishers like J-Novel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hayka61 says:

      I’m in agreement. Why drop World Break? And is there anywhere else translating it? I’ve looked but found nowhere else.


      • See down below for the ‘why’ and AFAIK, no one else is translating it. Though if someone wants to pick it up and needs raws, they can get in touch with me and I might be able to sort something.


  2. Hollow says:

    Eeeh,why drop world break?

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  • Low-Life (Seishun Buta) - v4c1 (planned)
  • Monster Tamer - v1c3 (planned eventually™)
  • Trinity Seven - v2c2 (planned eventually™)
  • Wind and Lute - v1c4 (planned eventually™)
  • World Break - dropped (planned pickup by Taekan)
  • KimiSen - Dropped (licensed by Yen Press)
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