Slave Elf Wife Licensed!

archdemon1_cover_400I had a hunch this might happen, so I’ve been taking things fairly easy until AX actually happened, and thought that it would be during the event itself, but Sam jumped ahead and Slave Elf has been licensed as An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love your Slave Elf Bride

I’ll be adding a link to all pages already out, and I’ll actually release the prologue seeing as I’ve got it done. Everything apart from up to v1c2, and volume 3’s prologue will be removed tomorrow.

 I hope everyone has enjoyed my translations of the series, and that you’ll all buy and support the official release. I’ll be re-shuffling things and possibly dropping some things and picking up others, look forward to either good news if it’s to your liking, or cursing my name if not.
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15 comments on “Slave Elf Wife Licensed!
  1. NovelReader says:

    What? Oh man… seriously those people…. They should know that not all people can read japanese and not many can buy the novel via online or shop. Perhaps you can send next chapter through our email (for the one who asking). I really want to read them since I don’t have enough money to buy the novel. Thank you in advance.


    • Kiri says:

      Pirating the official translation is trivial for those who, unlike you, don’t suffer from a cognitive defect.

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    • Having entertainment material isn’t an automatic right. If you can’t get an official release either earn some money and get a way to buy things, deal without, or git gud and ‘acquire’ it elsewhere. I rather like both the series and JNC, so I’d like to see it do well in the West, so won’t be giving any help with illicit copies or the like.


  2. Reader says:

    Are u still contuining to translate?


  3. martinhomuhomu says:

    Are u gonna take another proyect?


  4. Awww, that’s sad ;((
    Well, I’m expecting your next project!
    Thanks for your hard work on Elf Wife.


  5. ohmariowv says:

    And J-Novel Club strikes again…

    I will admit that I don’t like those guys. However, what they do is legal so I can’t really complain about them. Actually, they will be polite and normally ask the people already translating to stop. And they don’t really throw an DMCA unless the non-official TL hides chapters behind paywalls. Well… that’s with the web novel version. As I’m sure this was the LN, it sadly has to stop. But thanks for translating it so far.


  6. Reozul says:

    Ah for f*cks sake. Of course, exactly on the day after I actually realize this series exists this happens. *sigh*
    Oh well. Thanks for all the effort.


  7. Xerand says:

    Well, when it comes to me I actually like them. The price for the membership and premium ebooks are reasonable (I think it was 10 dollars for a monthly premium membership and an additional book). You can read the parts every week, so it is very similar to fan translation. Moreover, it is only way to access short stories and premium content released in Japan short of actually buying it from there and then translating it on your own. Besides, I really like supporting authors of my favourites series and with J-Novel Club I can actually read prepubs and teasers and decide whether I would want to buy them or not. So, yeah I think that they are good for community and a LOT better than Yen Press.


  8. Myst says:

    Is there a place where I can find the work you already did on this series? I would love to read it!


    • I took most of what I’d done down because it’s been licensed and I want to see the official version do well. Providing the whole first two volumes for free seems like a bad way to go about that.


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