Slave Elf Wife — Volume 2 — Epilogue

elfwifevolume2cover_cleanI did say it wouldn’t be long. Here’s the epilogue. The afterword and e-books will come out once all the chapters have been edited and there’s been long enough for people to point out mistakes and issues, so if anyone notices anything strange, please let me know.

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One comment on “Slave Elf Wife — Volume 2 — Epilogue
  1. sweed says:

    Thank you 😀


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  • Slave Elf - v3 prologue (planned)
  • Low-Life (Seishun Buta) - v2c1 (planned)
  • Magia - v1c3 (planned)
  • Monster Tamer - v1c3 (planned)
  • Trinity Seven - v2c2 (translating 6k words)
  • Wind and Lute - v1c4 (planned)
  • World Break - v3c4 (planned)
The top two will alternate, with a chapter in between each cycle going down the list.
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