HataMaou HSN — Chapter 1

And thus, the reason for the lack of any more World Break in the past month becomes clear. It was suggested that I TL this, and seeing as I enjoyed the anime when I watched it to see if the series actually was my cup of tea, I decided to.

Couple of things before the chapter, This release is both unedited and has no illustrations. When the volume is completed, it’ll be released with illustrations and edits on the HataMaou community discord, these will mostly serve as a preview for those who can’t wait.

And on a related note of shameless self-promotion, as some people have already spotted, I made a discord server of my own, as everyone and their dog seems to be doing so now, so if you want to get in touch, or just generally chat about the stuff I TL or anything else really, feel free to join.

The chapter is here, and there’s a couple of notes I want to make here:

  • The line about fallen blossoms has a double meaning, it can mean both exam failure and cherry blossom falling.
  • Kamaboko is a way that fish is prepared and is normally served on a wooden plate.
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One comment on “HataMaou HSN — Chapter 1
  1. thaiphamminh says:

    Has it dropped. I want to read it. The manga has been dropped too. Can you continue the translation please?


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