World Break – Volume 3 – Prologue

cover So we now start on volume 3, the prologue’s here and the colour illustrations are here.

The e-books for volume 2 are here. They’re now actually more edited than the versions on the site, at least for now, because I managed to get Jet Fuel to edit it for me along with this prologue, so big thanks to him.

(I’ll probably go through and edit all the chapters on here tomorrow)

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4 comments on “World Break – Volume 3 – Prologue
  1. Edward says:

    Hey! I’m simply asking out of curiosity but why world break have only 2 volume translated when ther are more than 15 in original language? I think is the first time that i see a LN so advanced with only a few volume translated… i know that everyone have theri own preferencies but i think world break is a great LN and i don’t understand why is not translated… thank you


    • Because of a few reasons, there aren’t enough translators to go around being the main one. There’s also the fact that once something’s picked up by someone, generally no one else picks it up until a large amount of time has passed since the last update. And hell, look at GaWoRaRe, both series have got 19 volumes out, but GaWoRaRe only has the prologue and the first chapter translated, motivation and regularity is hard to keep up.


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