Log Horizon Dropped

I’m not exactly happy I’m doing this, but looking back at why I started (to try and keep LH alive in English until Yen Press caught up), and looking at how long it’s been since my last update on it (about six months) I think it’s pretty clear I’ve failed pretty miserably and killed it myself. Yen Press’ volume 8 isn’t long away and is actually already up for pre-order, and at a reduced price from normal.

Everything that I’ve done so far can be found here floating somewhere around the internet, and the Log Horizon translations I have on here currently will be deleted in two weeks are now gone, that way I can actually post links in places that object to sites hosting licensed content and hopefully spread the other things a little further.

Sorry it had to end like this, and I hope you’ll still enjoy other things that I translate.


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4 comments on “Log Horizon Dropped
  1. runsing says:

    thank you for your work so far


  2. Well, considering that the LN has been on hiatus in Japan for more than a year now, it’s not that big a deal. At this point I’m just hoping the author can come out with a new volume soon.

    Idiot just had to get himself mixed up in a tax evasion scandal. If that hadn’t happened we could’ve had a third season of the anime around now. Now even if he does make enough content for a new season there’s no guarantee NHK would want to work with him now.


  3. […] MPT dropped Log Horizon. If anyone want to buy and share their scans for volume 8, message me tenkoueki@hotmail.com. […]


  4. Miri-Bell says:

    Gah, this makes poor people sad.


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