Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? -Vol. 20 Store Bonus – MelonBooks – Side: Theiamillis

%e5%85%ad%e7%95%b3%e9%96%9321%e5%b7%bb%e3%80%80%e9%80%9a%e5%b8%b8%e7%89%88%ef%bc%88s1%ef%bc%89Theia a cute, that is all. The last of the bonuses from me for a while will be on Saturday to coincide with the last chapter of volume 20. Then I’ll be trying to get hold of some more (I think I’ve found a couple from volume 21 and one from 23, but God knows how long they’ll take to get here, or if I’ll actually get them).

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  • Slave Elf - v3 prologue (planned)
  • Low-Life (Seishun Buta) - v2c1 (planned)
  • Magia - v1c3 (planned)
  • Monster Tamer - v1c3 (planned)
  • Trinity Seven - v2c2 (translating 6k words)
  • Wind and Lute - v1c4 (planned)
  • World Break - v3c4 (planned)
The top two will alternate, with a chapter in between each cycle going down the list.
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