Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – Vol. 24 Store Bonus – Book☆Walker

3c2fb1ce9284fb33f31aaee18adc8236Unfortunately, no more of the bonuses seem to get scanned, they’re sometimes available on Surugaya and Yahoo Auctions, but unfortunately getting hold of them would mean spending a fair bit on commission on mail forwarders and such, However, volume 24 got a digital bonus, so I got hold of that and translated it. Rinvelt (the guy who’s translating the ones that are available and not bad enough quality he can’t OCR) doesn’t have it to my knowledge, and I’m always leery of uploading raws I bought myself, plus, Bookwalker’s a faff to get things from in a shareable format. Some of the others can be read here by him, this one is here.

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