World Break – Volume 2 – Chapter 1


By ice on pixiv

So I wanted to actually start getting more things posted after how long I’ve been a combination of lazy and busy. Motivation’s been fairly low, so I’m hoping that posting in parts rather than when the entire chapter’s done might get me to actually do more. So here’s part 1 of chapter 1.

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14 comments on “World Break – Volume 2 – Chapter 1
  1. mateenarif says:

    Thanks for the translation. Will you translate log horizon vol 9,10 and furthermore.I hope you do. When will you translate log horizon vol 8 next chapter. What is the status of GaWoRaRe volumes. Can’t you recruit translator,editor and others who will also update the projects in your absence. I mean to say that you have 3 light novels as your project so try to recruit translator and other for these project like many translators did. I hope you will translate these novels. Thanks again for all your efforts.


    • I literally just translate when I have the desire to, nothing I actually start has any guarantee of having anything more than a volume completed and I don’t even promise that if I really start disliking it. Log Horizon volume 8 will be continued when I next do some, same with GaWoRaRe, I switch between projects when I want a break from the others, that’s why there’s more than one going at once.

      As to recruiting more translators/editors etc, I’ve got people who’ll edit if and when they have the time or inclination, and people are welcome to ask to post their translations on here, but I feel that one project (or at least each volume of a project) should only be done by one translator, it gets too inconsistent otherwise.


      • mateenarif says:

        Okay. Thanks. Then I just should look forward to your translation. As you said one vol should be done by one person then you should divide volumes. Sorry for saying this if it’s not your style but if you have three days then you should give each your project one day or per week so that in that sense you can switch between them. It’s just a suggestion.


  2. rainbowfrostedcupcake says:

    Thanks for all the work you have put in. Also do you have any interest in teaming up with setsuna86 to translate this novel (after they’ve done the whole Madan series, ofc)?


    • Not particularly, as I’ve said, I feel that it’s generally best to keep things to one translator for consistency’s sake if nothing else. There’s also the fact that I’m not particularly fond of Setsuna’s translation style, so I’d rather have my own version going. Of course, I’m not going to complain if they do decide to translate, would be silly to feel that I am the only one that can translate it, especially as I’m already taking off from someone who’s not officially dropped it.


      • rainbowfrostedcupcake says:

        Okay. Thanks for the reply. And may I ask for the permission to edit and repost your translation on my blog (ofc I will give full credit to you), emphasizing on the edit part since I don’t particularly like British English that much XD


      • I can’t exactly stop you, but I’d rather keep everything in one place, and don’t really see the point, I’m English and so I’ll use British English, same as if you were reading anything by any other British writer. If on the other hand you have ways you think phrasing or flow would be improved, then feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll definitely take them on board, even if I don’t necessarily use them.


  3. rainbowfrostedcupcake says:

    My apologies for the incoming wall of text. Before we proceed, I wish to inform you that I specify each paragraph as a line even if it’s 8 lines before a blank line.

    As an avid LN reader, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to make out who said which line in a dialogue participated by more than three people and make distinction between what is actually said and what is just an inner monologue. So I just want to add clarification (I remember some translator used to do that but I can’t find it anymore) since I know how terribly tedious it is to add them yourself.

    Furthermore, I don’t mean to judge your translation since you’re doing this free of charge but there were some small mistakes here and there (IMO ofc since my POV is that everything written should be as natural as spoken). For example, in the prologue line 10: “The cold was like needles, continually piercing the skin.” which I think the word “continually” should be changed to “continuously” although they could be used interchangeably but as “blog.dictionary(dot)com” points out and I quote “In formal contexts, continually should be used to mean “very often; at regular or frequent intervals,” and continuously to mean “unceasingly; constantly; without interruption”. I think the cold should be constantly rather than just very often (although they do seem extremely similar). In part 1 chapter 1, just the fourth line: “The desk was Italian-made, out of bamboo leaved oak”, which I think should be “bamboo-leaf oak” or maybe it’s “bamboo-leaved oak” or just “Japan (Chinese) evergreen oak” (for ease of understanding). Or line 15: “Shizuno asked, her emotions equally removed from her face.”, I’m troubled at what is being “equally” compared to her emotions here since nothing was described before it, is it her tone which held no emotion or maybe her brother’s face which is also devoid of emotion. I think I may have gone a little bit overboard with the examples (😂) but my point remains that there are still room for improvement.

    Ofc, if you don’t like having another person interfere with your work then I’ll stop inquiring about the matter any further. Or maybe you don’t approve of my work after I got your permission, you could just say a word and I’ll stop. In hindsight, I would actually prefer to have permission to become an editor on your site rather than reposting it on my own, I’ll include a list of changes for you to review ofc. (I’ll try and ask Translatebear for permission to edit his volume 1 as well maybe reposting it on baka-tsuki and your blog)


    • Okay, in order:
      I try to add as little to what I’m translating as possible and most of the time from the surrounding context it isn’t too hard to figure out who said what. If there’s a part which is particularly bad though, I will try to add lines like X said, even if I’d prefer to avoid it. Adding the speakers name in parentheses at the end of their sentence though, as I’ve seen other translators do, is something I’ll never add, just because I think it’s too far away from the original, and no longer functionally equivalent.

      The continually thing was actually pruposeful, because the biting/piercing pain you get from it being really cold isn’t constant, it comes and goes in waves and changes as your attention wanders. (I’d also argue that a LN isn’t exactly a formal context, but that’s neither here nor there)

      The tree is sometimes referred to without the hyphen as I originally put it, but on reconsideration I prefer how Chinese Evergreen Oak sounds, so that’s changed.

      The emotions removed from her face thing is referring to a couple of lines up where it says “With his hands still together on the desk, he said without a smile.”

      You’re perfectly welcome to continue to post suggestions, but I’d rather keep editors with accounts to people I know either irl or through shared communities that I’ve spoken a decent amount with.


      • rainbowfrostedcupcake says:

        Well typing walls of text isn’t something I prefer to do and I get where you are coming from when you said editors should be someone you are somewhat acquainted with since I’m also my elder brother’s editor for his movie-reviewing blog and the process is much faster and cleaner than with a stranger that you have no relation or information about, so I guess I will post my fixed version on my blog until I got your green light then or maybe you got so pissed at my average English (and the oversimplification of words and the overload of emoij XD ).

        Also, in chapter 1, among other, there is this itsy bitsy tiny little part here that I wish to point out:
        “Whatever he was thinking, her brother speaking Moroha’s name so suddenly surprised her.
        He suddenly stood (up and maybe walk to the window first?) and looked over the courtyard from the window, at (towards) the screen there.
        It showed the Strikers fighting the Metaphysical in real time.
        Shizuno also watched and her eyes instinctively sought out Moroha ans were fixed there.
        His calm fighting didn’t bring forth an ounce of unease, she was entranced by his strength.”

        Firstly, I think it’s supposed to be “her brother’s” as a possessive pronoun instead of just a pronoun. Secondly, “It showed” is fine but I believe it maybe better if it’s “Which was showing”. Thirdly, I don’t know what “ans” was supposed to be (probably just a typo) and I don’t know whether Shizuno has been mentioned to “watched” the screen but I would phrase the whole line as “Shizuno also followed with her eyes and instinctively sought out Moroha who was fixated there” (fixed is fine but I prefer fixated more 😂). Lastly, the last line you could consider to replace the comma with ‘and’ for a better flow. Thanks for reading through two walls of text 😝 (I sure hope I did the hold bold and italic things right, been a while since I last used HTML XD)


      • The clarification of stood up: There’s nothing about him actually going to the window in the raw, so it can be filled in by the reader, and if later in the series it says that the window is directly behind the desk for example, then I’m not contradicting myself.

        At/towards: pretty much interchangeable, I went for at because he’s definitely looking at the screen itself, rather than just in its direction.

        Which was showing: changed.

        Ans: typo.

        Shizuno watching: I might change the following with her eyes bit after thinking it through a bit, not sure yet. But you’ve got the fixed thing completely wrong, it’s not Moroha that’s fixed there, it’s Shizuno’s eyes watching him.

        Replacing the last comma: Will think about it, I personally prefer the flow of the comma though.

        Overall though, most of what you’ve pointed out aren’t exactly mistakes as much as they’re your misinterpretations, so I think I’ll stick with the editors I currently have who’ll edit this and everything else on here as and when both time and motivation permit.


  4. rainbowfrostedcupcake says:

    Well I misinterpreted the fixed thing wrong ’cause of the typo which I thought could just be replaced with a ‘who’ and not as in Shizuno’s eyes which were fixed at him (I’m apparently blind to the ‘were’ which was there 😆). I didn’t even know that you have editors as I’m new at reading at your blog and I don’t recall seeing your editor post a comment so it’s just my assumption that you don’t have one 😂. In retrospect, maybe I should have noticed the differences in quality between this and Log Horizon. Well I still appreciate the amount of work you have put in to this project and keep up the good work 😘. I really don’t want to type more than I already have but there’s just one last question I have to ask how many translators and editors do you have on your team? 😕


  5. rainbowfrostedcupcake says:

    Oh and I just check the anime the window is actually behind the desk 😂


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