GaWoRaRe – Volume 1 – Flag 1

44496590_p0And after much head-scratching, including a good laugh when I forgot that intra-cerebral walrus isn’t literally a walrus, it’s the hippocampus (I also think I’m starting to hate the author a little with his, as a friend put it, labyrinthine writing style and the references he puts in for what at least seems to be no real reason), here’s the first full chapter.

Because of the writing being how it is, I will be getting a friend who’s better at English than me to have a look through and edit/reword, but that’ll have to wait until he gets around to it, and it’s not too bad in my opinion so it’s only been edited by me, unlike the prologue where I actually did get him to go through it before I posted it at all.

The chapter’s here, you only really need to keep reading if you’re interested in a couple of references.

The image is from pixiv, by an artist of the name ベニー.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to stick this on Baka-Tsuki or anything, I don’t mind in the slightest, more people that get to read it the better. I’d do it myself but I don’t really like editing wikis or know much about how things work over on BT.

I’m not going to try and point out every reference, both because I get the feeling it’ll soon become an exercise in futility and because Google is a thing; but two that I noticed that were particularly glaring were:

  • Tokyo Empress — reference to another series Takei wrote called ‘Tokyo Empress ☆ Haijou Renka’ which is a series where the area around Tokyo is an autonomous region and its empress starts going to school.
  • Future Capital Nagoya — As best I can tell, seems to be a reference to this song (the main reason I’m including it is because the song’s catchy as all hell) but it’s essentially about how Nagoya is good and Tokyo and Osaka aren’t for being the capital.


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2 comments on “GaWoRaRe – Volume 1 – Flag 1
  1. Foguinho says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter


  2. mateenarif says:

    Thanks. Waitng for it.


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