GaWoRaRe – Volume 1 – Flag 0

cover‘Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara’ or ‘If Her Flag Were Toppled’ (GaWoRaRe for short).

I’ve been thinking of starting this for quite a while now, I really enjoyed the anime and even from just reading the manga you could tell there was a lot cut.

It’s going to be less of a priority than Log Horizon, not least because the Japanese in this sometimes makes my head hurt, not even from the meaning, just because the structure and style is more ‘Not-English’ than other things I’ve translated.

It’ll be even slower than LH because I want to try and keep to posting a LH part around every week I can, and because I’m not going to be working on translations at all during the week, that’ll slow everything down significantly.

Anyway, here’s the Illustrations and Flag 0.

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4 comments on “GaWoRaRe – Volume 1 – Flag 0
  1. Foguinho says:

    Thank you very much for picking this novel

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mateenarif says:

    Thanks for picking this novel for translation and also Log horizon. Waiting for chapters of both and also translate this novel with LH per week if possible. So that we can read this one as well. Thanks


    • I would, but I currently only have weekends actually free to do translating, and the chapters in Flag are a good deal longer and also generally harder to translate. They’ll have to take longer just from sheer necessity.


  3. lnwnepubs says:

    Thanks for picking up this novel please translate at your pace and don’t overwork yourself. Cheer!


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